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Is it Tendonitis?

pinarellodudepinarellodude Posts: 102
Consider myself a good cyclist finishing inside the top 10 percent off sportives and MTB races I enter, and lately desided to give myself a good rest from the bike so had a two week lay off.
Went out on Tuesday and today and the pain behind both my kness is very sore? It's not joint pain but muscular? and feels tight when sat for any lenght off time. When riding any hard efforts where a nightmare but wasn't so bad standing?
I've never had it before and not in both legs? :?


  • mclarentmclarent Posts: 784
    edited October 2008
    I had tendonitis in my shoulder before, it was agonising, I couldn't do anything, was on serious meds. I might have been "acute" or whatever the term is, but I would say you've just overdone it a bit and suffering from "muscle soreness"

    [edit] for muscle soreness read tendon soreness
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  • Doesn't sound like tendonitis. You have probably just been riding at the level you were at before your 2 week lay off. Body needs time to get back to that level.
  • Hope a couple off days lay off will resove the problem? Just feel tight behind the knee's very wierd. Just signed up to a sportive in December as well :wink: .
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