How often and far do you ride your bike...?

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Well due to the gorgeous weather this weekend I've managed to get out twice on my bike. 48 miles saturday and 20 today - whoopee. Unfortunately that is not typical and last weekend I didn't get out at all due to horrendous weather.

Commuting by bike isn't really an option so I'm left with making the most of the weekends now that the nights are pulling in. So I'm just wondering what mileage you guys are typically covering and how often?

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  • brownbosh
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    every day. One day off in nine or ten. No commuting miles just early starts when i do the afternoons or out before work plus late nights in the garage on turbo. Anywhere between 180 and 250 miles per week. Love it!
  • daz51
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    I beleive general census to gain continual improvement is 100 miles a week?
  • Mettan
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    At present, typically 3 times a week - 32 - 35 miles per loop - 1100 - 1200 ft of climbing per loop. Did a slightly longer 47 mile 1800- 1900 ft run today though (makes a change, for me).
  • trickeyja
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    At the moment I go cycling on up to 6 days a week, and I have been averaging about 120-130 miles a week over the last 7. The last few days I have been riding less than usual due to my road bike being in for a service. Also I am doing a week's cycling around Wales and Shropshire next week so I'm easing off a bit in preparation at the moment.

    Here is my log:
  • Usually 5 or 6 days per week, averaging 250 - 300 miles per week, with about 120 of that at the weekend, one half day ride during the week (60 to 80 miles) and then 2 or 3 shorter rides. Easy during the good weather but I'm not sure what's going to happen when it gets really cold. I haven't cycled through a winter yet!
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  • There is another way to look at this question - and that is how many hours in the saddle. Most racing guys try to get at least 10 hours in a week.
  • wiffachip
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    normally do a 40 mile flattish loop, Wallsend to Whalton, but yesterday went to Rothbury, 70 mile and not flattish

    wish bike2work would hurry up and come in at work so I can get a road bike, cos that was a long way on my 26" wheeled hybrid
  • :shock: Rothbury aint easy. Well done fella.
  • wiffachip
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    :shock: Rothbury aint easy. Well done fella.

    went via Nertherwitton, came back via the fords, was out that long the missus even phoned to see if I was ok

    had a lovely mince pie in Rothbury though
  • fishyweb
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    Only once a week for me, or twice if circmstances allow. Commuting is not an option, and life just seems to get in the way of things I enjoy!
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  • was doing 100 miles per week , but running injury has cleared up , so started to do more of that , which is convienient for the winter .
  • around 12 hours per week. Mostly commuting, with MTB night ride and a weekend ride now and again.
  • Nuggs
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    Not as much as I'd like.

    No chance of cycling to work (it's 50 miles away) and I work long hours.

    I get 3-4 hours riding in at the weekend and I savour every minute.
  • sicknote
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    I ride once or twice a week at the mo to training and back but hope to start getting out more at night plus some time on the weekend when the road bike is up and running :)
  • jjojjas
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    I only do about 70 a week. Thats commuting and the odd weekend ride.
    it looks a bit steep to me.....
  • Im averaging about 100-130 miles a week and have been up until last Wednesday when I prolapsed a disc AGAIN!!!

    Ive not been out of bed since then...................
  • My weekly mileage varies wildly, usually due to the weather. In the summer all being well I'll do one big ride (80+ miles) and maybe a shorter one at the weekend, as well as one or maybe two shortish blasts in the week. If the weather's bad and I'm not preparing for a cycling event I'll just go for a run instead, same if I've got a running event coming up. I do far fewer miles in the winter for the same reason; I might go weeks without riding at all.
  • Well I've only just started to take cycling seriously so probably 3 hours on the weekend and about 3 hours commuting a week. Having read other posts, 3 hours clearly isn't that serious :o

    Any tips for a newbie starting out on training?
  • mr_hippo
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    I try to ride every day but... the last three months have ben the wet season and I have hardly been out. I don't ride in the rain and don't ride if there has been a heavy overnight thunderstorm. I only ride in the early morning to avioid the traffic and the heat.
    At the moment, I have a number of circuits ranging from 25km to 75km but, as I am planning a big ride for 2009, these distances will be increased. I will also have to get acclimatised to afternoon riding - from about 2pm til 5pm.
  • Lagavulin
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    Not often or far enough :oops: . Set myself a target of 4,000 miles for the year but nearly mid-October and I've only just logged my 2,239 mile today. An utter disgrace. :roll:
  • SCR Pedro
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    Hey there,

    I usually do four 40km rides per week and one slightly longer one at >50km. I'd like to do big miles, but more often than not it's blowing a gale up here, and I just can't be bothered with that. Maybe when I move to Italy/France/Spain/any other country with good weather, I'll rack up insane miles.

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  • I do about 100 miles per week for my commute and often about 40 or 50 at the weekend for recreation.
  • hambones
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    70-80 miles most Sunday mornings (whatever the weather) which takes 4 hours or so, and 8 miles to and from work 4 days a week at around 25-26 mins per trip. Would love to do more though! :(
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  • carl_p
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    Crikey some mile munchers on here !

    Think I ought to spend less time on this forum and more time on the bike :(
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  • fizz
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    I normally have saturday or Sunday as a rest day and ride every day apart from that.

    Averaging around 110 miles per week ish at the moment
  • grayo59
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    3 times a week (2 x 15 miles and 1 x 30 miles) - if its dry!
    ......heading for the box, but not too soon I hope!
  • I've just started biking this summer. If I'm not traveling for work, I'll do a brief 10-miler early every weekday morning, a long 60-90 mile ride on Saturday, and maybe something Sunday, but Sundays are usually taken up by watching the kids' football games. Am contemplating beginning commuting to work (17 miles each way).
  • I just started biking this summer too...Can't get enough of it now. :)
    In the week before my crash I did 3 x 15 mile timed laps during the week....personal TT on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday (1 x 15 mile lap per night). I then did a 2:45 50 miler on the Saturday which I am working on getting down...
    I have found a new 97 mile route with 2 x 900 foot + climbs at 15 and 75 miles so that is a challenge for when I get my bike fixed...Will need to do a few laps around the block to round it up to 100 miles when I get home!
    17 Stone down to 12.5 now raring to get back on the bike!
  • duckson
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    Started commuting about a month ago, doing it twice a week at the moment, 28 mile round trip. Will probably try 3 days in the week if i get some non-windy and rain free days..... :oops:
    Cheers, Stu
  • pdrolo
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    12 a day commuting + 25 at the weekend - can't do bigger rides until numb foot is sorted !
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