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TECH TOPIC-Trainer Tyres Burns out quickly

momadmomad Posts: 3
edited December 2008 in Training, fitness and health

I own a road bike, and recently bought a trainer, TACX SATORI
and use a Continental Ultra Sport Home Trainer tyre, which was
claimed to last long on trainers as compared to any road tyres.

However, after 4 times being used, there are lots of rubber debris
on the floor marking that the tyre is being used up. And more recently
just now, the contact point between the tyre and the trainer looks flat
and is not curved as tyres should be.

Have I installed the tyre wrongly or this is a normal condition. Or else
the tyre will run out of its rubber in no time :cry: . If anyone can help me with
this would be useful. Thank you. :D


  • Your tyre is slipping. You need more pressure from the roller to stop this.

    There should be no slippage from the tyre.
  • claudbclaudb Posts: 212
    The steel roller of my aged Elite folding trainer is worn into the shape of the tyre not vice versa !! I have used 28C Conti "Top Touring" tyres on it and the tyres do not seem to take much hurt.
  • momadmomad Posts: 3
    A really big thanks to FORUMEXP and claudb. Tightening the roller to the tyre seems to work, and i dont have to vacuum the carpet anymore for rubber debris. Now I can go back to my training with no worries!
  • damage36damage36 Posts: 282
    Is it fine to just use my normal road tyre on the turbo? As in just clean the tyre, fit it on the turbo and go?
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  • BronzieBronzie Posts: 4,927
    damage36 wrote:
    Is it fine to just use my normal road tyre on the turbo?
    The only reason to use a dedicated tyre on the turbo is to avoid wearing your normal road tyre too quickly. Also they tend to wear "square" which doesn't do the road-holding ability of the tyre many favours.
  • I use an old tyre on an old wheel. the heat build up on a turbo will wear out a normal road tyre faster than on the road... though this is only a realy problem if you use your turbo a lot. tried a couple of contis - but didn't get on with them at all.
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  • nicensleazynicensleazy Posts: 2,310
    I have the same problem, bloody thing!
  • cadseen wrote:
    I find old race tyres are just as good.

    I agree, i use Vredestein Fortezza, never let me down yet.
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  • DaSyDaSy Posts: 599
    I have only just gone over to a dedicated trainer tyre after years of using one of my old too worn for the road type tyres.

    Trainer tyres have a few advantages, firstly they are noticeably quieter, which may or may not be of interest to you depending on where you have to train. Secondly, and most important to me is they are a lot less prone to slipping; I have a Tacx Fortius and even small slips cause choppiness when doing steep climbs. Going over to the Tacx trainer tyre has really made this issue go away.

    I wouldn't bother with the expense if neither of these issues affect you, as I must have put 1000's of turbo miles on a worn out GP4000s and never had any wear issues with it.
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