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Core strength & stability excercises required plz

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I'm a road bike nebie and have been cycling for about a month.

I'm hooked and I'm riding whenever I get the time, including a commute of about 32 miles per day, 4 days a week.

With the onset of the winter, I'm looking to spend more time training inside, including gym time. I would like to modify my usual workouts and add in some cycling specific core strength excercises. Seen a few in the cycling mags over the past wee while, a lot of which use swiss balls.

Can anyone point me at any online resources that they would recommend so I can put together a set of excercises to tide me over the winter?.

I get the odd twinge now and again in my lower back, so I'm looking to increase all round core strength to help this as well as overall strength.

Thanks. 8)
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  • bahzobbahzob Posts: 2,195
    If I was you I would get some advice from coaches at the gym. There are right and wrong ways to do exercises and some of the finer points only really come across when someone is watching you do them. An e.g. is situps which can do your back more harm than good if not done right.
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  • Thanks, just to clarify though, I'm not a gym "newbie" so my excercise "form" is good. 8)

    Sit-ups?.....I don't think I've done those since I was a kid at school !!!.

    Various types of crunches, yes. :wink:

    I have a fair idea of what I need to target ( and how ) , but was just wondering if anyone had any online links to a bit of inspiration. :D
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  • ColinJColinJ Posts: 2,218
    There are some here which may be of interest. I haven't got round to trying them out yet, but they look like they should do some good.
  • Try Pilates classes. Good range of stability moves in this class, plus you'll be guided by an instructor
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  • There are simple pilates exercises you can practice at home - search 'pilates on the fifth' on youtube. But its better of course to have a properly qualified teacher.

    Simplest of all core exercises is the 'plank'. Just hold for at least 30 seconds, preferably in front of a mirror so you can see if you are suitably plank (as opposed to banana)-like.

    I find a gym ball at home is great for doing core work. it doubles up as a extra chair for guests i don't like.
  • I can definately recomend a pilates class, its ok doing the exercises at home but the chances are you will be in the wrong position.

    I was doing the plank last week and thought wots all the fuss about until the instructor put me in the correct position, that was a long 30 seconds I can tell you.

    Have a look about for a beginners class the prices do vary so check out your local college they tend to be a lot cheaper.

  • Planks!

    I did a lot of core stability for rowing and it really helps my cycling too! The plank is a position you hold like a press up, but resting your forearms on the floor. Be sure to keep your back straight and your bum down (have someone watch you) and hold that position.
    To begin with you'll be screaming after 30secs, but try 3 sets of 45secs, and then over time increase that to 1min, 1min15, 1 min 30. It strengthens your abs and back really well.
    You can also do 'side planks' where you keep your body straight by holding yourself up on one side with one forearm on the floor. This is even harder to begin with, but is great to mix in.
    I recommend the seal aswell, laying on your front, raise your head and your ankles, and you should feel it in your lower back.
    Lastly, stretching your hips and hamstrings will improve flexibility that makes time on the bike more comfortable and reduces the chances of back injury.
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  • bahzobbahzob Posts: 2,195
    Apologies....but confused. Core exercises are pretty much core exercise, nothing too specific for cycling. So if already used to them and they work just carry on.

    FWIW I do planks (90sec x 2), full crunch (+6.5kg 60sec x2), opposing knee crunch (60sec x 2) and something I don't know the name of (on back legs up, draw back 1 leg and touch knee with opposing elbow, repeat 60secs x 2). Another fun thing to do is adopt plank position for 30 sec then lift one arm, then other, then one leg, then other, then left arm and right leg together, then right arm and left leg then back to the original position. Hold each position for 30sec. (Black dan go on to lift both legs and arms together :? ) )

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