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Performance improvement training advice ?

bhickeybhickey Posts: 49
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Can anyone offer some advice on training approach to better my Sportive/general cycling performance ?

I’ve just turned 50 and started cycling about 18mths ago. I usually manage a longish (50-60) mile weekend run and do a bit of running/gym work in between (cycling outside the weekends is awkward given my work commitment although I’m minded to invest in a trainer :?: ). I’ve done 2 events over the last 6 mths (45 miles and 67 miles, both with 6000ft+ of ascent) but my time has been poor in both (3 hr 55 for the former (about 380 off 450 entries) and 5hr 10 for the latter (80 off 100 entries). I’m keen to do more in ’09 but really want to improve my times (fed up with wide variety of shapes/sizes of men, women and children passing me and looking relaxed and fresh in the process.. :cry: ).

Any thoughts on how I should focus my training efforts over the next 6 months ?



  • Cant give advice that doesnt include many hours in the saddle fella. 10 hours is th min time i invest weekly up to 15 hours. Bums on seats is needed in the first instance to build your base then specific skills training. Have you bout ther cycling weekly fitness specials? They have complete plans from about 6 or 7 hours i think. If you are only doing 4 hours a week a coach wont help much in my opinion. There are ways of hetting mid week rider training in such as commuting and turbo / roller workouts. This year ive set the alarm and got up at 0445 a couple of times a month to get those valuable extra miles in. Whilst it is possible to train smarter i dont think there is any quick fix for improving averages im afraid. :cry:
  • bahzobbahzob Posts: 2,195
    It may be worth thinking about getting some coaching advice. If time is limited this should mean you get the most out of it. Speaking from personal experience I started cycling 3 years ago at 47 and getting some professional advice earlier is the main thing I would change if starting over.
    Martin S. Newbury RC
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