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Knee Pain - Any help would be great

Yes, I know. Another post about knee pain.

I am getting pain in my left knee during, but especially after I ride. The pain i located on the inside of the knee,the right side along the knee cap, and the right side, just above the knee: almost where the thigh knee meet. I have tried to trouble shoot the problem at a few different LBS. My seat height, fore aft seem spot on. One shop told me I have a slight hitch on the top of my pedal where me knee wanders to the outside away from the bike. I bought some BODY GEOMETRY SHIMS by specialzed on the recommendation of the shop. Doesn't seem to be doing the trick.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


  • have you actually seen a pro - podiatrist/physio?
  • TCROTCRO Posts: 4
    I have not. I did go see a 'bike fitter', but he was not any help. You think pro - podiatrist/physio would be the direction I should go? Are there some that can provide actually cycling related treatment?[/quote]
  • phone them and ask. Ive had orthoic inserts made several times. would be crippled without them. We woiuld all gladly spend £500 on a wheelset but wince at £40 to see a physio..
  • I had very bad knees, saw a physio and it was due to muscle weakness so on my pedalstrokes my leg was wobbling a bit. Did some stretches, got my bike set up properly in cyclefit london and it's loads better now
  • TCROTCRO Posts: 4
    We would all gladly spend £500 on a wheelset but wince at £40 to see a physio..

    Isn't that the truth...

    I will check out a physio...will let you know what results.
  • Good man. May sort nowt but its worth £40 to see
  • felgenfelgen Posts: 829
    The list if diagnoses depends on your age. You may have patellar maltracking or a plica, but one would need to ask many more questions and exmaine to know. Best bet has already been posted, which is to see a physio. If no joy, then see a knee specialist (where are you based?)
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  • brownbosh wrote:
    Good man. May sort nowt but its worth £40 to see

    I'd second physio visit. Obviously do a bit of research to ensure they hold the relevant qualifications. Maybe ask at LBS to see if they can recommend someone.

    I use chiropracter/physio and massage regulalrly and it saves money in the long run.

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  • I had a knee problem earlier in the year and went to AECC - they are a chiropractic college in Bournemouth - and because it is a college it is cheap and they are really keen.

    You get seen by students in their final year (5th year) and they consult with the qualified tutors.

    It cost:

    First session (2 hours) - £27
    Second session (1 hour) and specially made inserts moulded to foot - £67

    The end result: no knee pain and some top 5 times in sportives up to 100 miles.

    The bottom line is you need to see a specialist, and if you're near Bournemouth the AECC is a good place to start. good luck :)
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  • sylvanussylvanus Posts: 1,125
    I'd second the advice to get a cyclefit:
  • neebneeb Posts: 4,445
    I had something extremely similar to how you describe your problem (of course it might have been something completely different). Anyway, it was caused by, or greatly exacerbated by, excessive pedal float, specifically the heal being allowed to move too far out. Took me months to figure this out.
  • Another reason for knee pain is that your quads are developing and gowing too much on one side rather than the other and that is pulling the knee cap slightly out of line.
    I think this is right as my GP mum told me about it being common for cyclists.

    Definately go see an expert, you can't go wrong.
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