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What rollers

nolfnolf Posts: 1,287
edited September 2008 in Training, fitness and health
Looking for a cheap set of rollers.

Want to use them as a warmup tool, to get my bike handling a bit better and for 10 minute spinning in mornings and evenings, just to loosen the legs up a bit.
Later on maybe want to bring in hard sessions on them

I found these- ... 300002165/

Will they do or are they gonna be rubbish that cheap?
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  • whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,678
    I have them. As a warmup tool, they're fantastic. I also do some intervals on them. The only problem is that when I'm spinning fast in a high gear (approaching 40mph, around 120rpm) they can creep slightly, as the feet are just plastic. Attach some rubber to the bottom and they're fine.
  • bahzobbahzob Posts: 2,195
    Doing hard sessions on standard rollers can be a bit tricky as its difficult to get the resistance up to same levels as a turbo, unless you fit something like below:
    Martin S. Newbury RC
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