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Ectopic Heart Beats

cartesrcartesr Posts: 70
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Ive just been diagnosed as suffering if thats the word ectopic heartbeats which gives me the sensation of a slowing heart rate. Ive had the 24 hr ECG etc and Im waiting on the exercise ECG and ultra sound.

Anyway body else out there suffer the same thing as Im interested here how they get one with it

I used to do a bit meself you know


  • popettepopette Posts: 2,089
    No - haven't got that one - but have just gone through the whole process of the ECGs, Ultrasounds, 24hr ECGs etc and know that it can be a little worrying.
    Good luck - I hope it all goes well for you
  • BUICKBUICK Posts: 362
    Yup - I have ectopic beats particularly when beginning to cool down from an effort and when particularly stressed. My heart also changes rhythm frequently! In my case I've been told that it's not something I should worry about because it's not damaging, whereas stressing about it IS, and tends to make the condition worse. It's really not much of a problem at all now and because I'm not concerned it is also a lot more rare. I did the 24 hour ecg and the running on a treadmill etc. Was kinda fun!
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  • i had a weird heart rythm which mysteriously appeared for a few months and then slowly disappeared. Felt odd on a couple of rides. Had scans, ECGs and a number of visits to the consultant. Sometimes my heart rate would be completely random for weeks at a time.
    Consultant thought it was atrial fibrillation but then changed his mind. I don't think he really knew what it was.
    Anyway, it's been gone now for a year or so, but i remember the stress and worry very clearly.
    Many people have harmless ectopic beats present all the time, others ocassionally experience odd rythms from time time brought on by infections, lack of sleep, stress, too much caffeine e.t.c.

    Hope it works out ok. Try not to stress as it could be nothing.
  • many thanks for the responses
    its good to know im not alone out there and will still be able to ride my bike

    I used to do a bit meself you know
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