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Numb Toes & sore bum

glengibsonglengibson Posts: 17
edited September 2008 in Training, fitness and health
I have been back in the saddle now for approx 3 weeks. trouble is every time i go out after the first 10 mins my toes start to go numb, not all of them but mostly my right foot and the smallest two/three toes.

as well as that annoyance, my censored is absolutly killing me as soon as i get on the bike, after a couple of miles it tends to die off a bit (maybe i start to get used to the pain)
i can then really feel it if i get out of the saddle and then sit back down.

appreciate any help


  • sorry for lack od detail but:

    road bike
    shimano carbon shoes
    shimano clipless pedals
    correct clothing ie: bib shorts with padding

    to be fair i have tried slackning shoes off but doesn't make any difference apart from annoyingly slack shoes especially when climbing

    i was thinking more in the way of maybe i am trapping a nerve or restricting blood flow? is there a main vein in the groin area that could be compressed when sat on?

    as far as my bum goes, its more like pressure pain and not sore from chafing
  • Toes may be incorrect cleat positioning putting pressure in the wrong places.

    Your censored may be down to incorrect position, or just getting used to things again. What shorts are you using? Not all are as good as others.
    Carlsberg don't make cycle clothing, but if they did it would probably still not be as good as Assos
  • I find that if my saddle is too high, by only a few mm, then I get numb toes. Maybe try dropping it a few mm (in my case it really is only a couple of millimeters to make a difference) to see whether that changes things...
  • i can always give it a try!
  • AidanwAidanw Posts: 449
    got some chamois cream on your shorts?

    I use Assos... the only Assos thing I can afford ;) ... 360031286/
  • Hi there, just like to note that it is not my skin chafing in my nether regions but pain from pressure (i think)
  • MettanMettan Posts: 2,103
    glengibson wrote:
    Hi there, just like to note that it is not my skin chafing in my nether regions but pain from pressure (i think)

    Is your saddle wide enough? - if you're using a narrow saddle (135 mm) maybe you could try a mid-width saddle (150-155mm) ? Also, you might want to try and get a saddle with a cut-out, to prevent prosate pressure. Another option might be a Gel saddle - or get one that incorporates all of the above.

    Padded-shorts are also important - it also might take 1 month or so to get your rear used to riding. If you're really struggling you could always try padded-undershorts underneath regular riding shorts.

    Just some options to mull over.
  • I habe been out this evening and i have noticed that on the foot were my toes becomes numb most. i seem to be putting more pressure to the outside of that foot rather that equally distributed pressure.

    i was wondering if there was anything i could do to counteract this??
  • Had the same problem when i first started. Had loads of different advice on what was causing it and how to fix it, but the only one that seemed to work was buying a pair of accupuncture innersoles from the pound shop and using them.
    My dad uses them - althought not fir cycling. They're basically a rubber innersole that has got lots of littel spikes and small magnets on. Supposedly, they help with circulation in the foot, but all i know is that spiked stop me getting blisters, toes going numb and nearly everything else.
    Incidently, i played indoor footy with my mates the other week and got two massive blisters near my big toes. Used these innersoles in my work shoes and my trainers during the nighttime because I was going to paris a few days later and needed to be able to walk ok.
    Guess what, two days after using them - my feet were fine and the skin where I had the blisters didn't come off like it normally does. Bonus!!!
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