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markos1963markos1963 Posts: 3,724
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My 11yo son is showing a keeness for riding his bike and has started coming out at the weekend for some rides. He is quite comfortable on the bike and has done up to 12 miles over rollling countryside. My missus is a bit worried about him over training but he is fit and strong(can swim 1000m in under half an hour). My question is, what is a reasonable distance for him to build up to, in what time frame? He is riding an old steel framed MTB at the moment with 24' wheels but at his growth rate will be big enough to move up to a full size wheel after Xmas. My main concern is that he continues to enjoy it.


  • FloodcpFloodcp Posts: 190
    I would be keen to know more about this too. My son is 9 and he is very interested in cycling.

    We normally take my son out for a ride of up to 20 miles (max) on flattish roads. This may be only once every two or 3 weeks. He cycles to school most days about a 3 mile round trip. He is out around our house most evenings on the bike racing his friends
    I took him out over slightly hillier roads once and he said he found it hard.
    Not sure he should be doing much more than this at present.

    I want to encourage him without pushing him if you see what I mean.

    Do any of the coaches have any comments taht could help us??
  • The unfortunate thing is that kids of that age go through phases. They may also just like spending time out and about with their parents.
    Until you push them past a point of comfort then you won't know if they are doing it for a love of cycling or for fitness or for company.

    That is my opinion anyway. you could always just ask them I suppose :)
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  • BronzieBronzie Posts: 4,927
    FWIW my lad (13 next week) has got into road riding with me over the summer - no more than once a week on average 20-30 miles.

    We had a week in Brittany 2 weeeks ago and the longest ride we managed was 42 miles (and 800m climbing!) at an average of about 15mph. He seemed quite comfortable most of the time although he needed a little push on the last couple of long hills.

    I know of other lads his age who cycle regularly and are happy riding club runs upto 50 miles with no problems.

    I think it's just a case of very gradually increasing the distance and seeing how they get on.
  • dsmiffdsmiff Posts: 741
    We did 55 miles 950m climbing @13mph (headwind as well) and he is 9.

    Sometimes worry I'm doing too much with him as well as he also does Football, Athletics, Swimming and Karate!

    We generally do the black run at Llandegla on Saturday, followed by a road ride with his brother(6) on Sunday of about 20 - 25 miles around Wrexham.

    By the way 3 years ago I was a complete slob, guess I don't want my kids to end up the same!!!
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  • im 14 and i go out on clubruns every other sunday or so when i get the time. at 11, i'd say eventually build up to around 50 or so miles. one day before i was 12, i did the london to cambridge bike events ride, and really enjoyed it. perhaps investigate bike events for things around your area?
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