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3 month secondment - possibility of no bike!

GFowler22GFowler22 Posts: 78
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I'm being sent away to Knutsford, Cheshire for a 3 month secondment with the possibility of no bike! Anyway, I was wondering what I could do in terms of exercise in order to keep my fitness up over this period.

I've heard that gym can be beneficial in terms of strength, but how do I make sure my CV fitness doesn't disappear?!




  • Why no bike? I could understand if being sent overseas, but is there no way you can take a bike with you?
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  • yeah why not bring a bike?
    I live in Knutsford and it's an excellent location for both road and mountain biking, what with the Peaks and Wales on your doostep plus local time trial events. Even the Lakes is only 1.5 hrs away.

    The Knutsford leisure centre has circuit training classes 6pm Monday and Wednesday. Mondays are the best as it's held in the Sports hall. Be warned, these classes will kill you...
  • Well I just assumed that living in a flat I wouldn't be allowed to bring a bike into the complex............maybe its worth an email!
  • liversedgeliversedge Posts: 1,002
    if you have a flat then surely a turbo will be ok?
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  • rederede Posts: 80
    I've just got back after 2 months of field work without a bike. As long as you keep active (running, gym, walking) you'll be fine. You'll suffer like a dog the first time you get back on the bike but you'll get it back sooner than you might think. Loads of people have a couple of months off over winter, despite the Cycling red tops printing the same scare articles every year.
  • Gym bikes & elliptical machines are reasonable substitutes if you can't ride but have access to a gym.
  • Yes - if you really can't bring a bike with you then use a gym, maybe find a spinning class or two - do a bit of running - you'll lose form but as others say it wont take long to get it back. I wouldn't worry unless I was planning to race and the 3 months were something like March-May - that might put a dent in your season.

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