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Looking to buy online and want to make sure I get it right. I am 5ft 7" tall and my inside leg is 29". Would I be right in saying I should look for a frame around the 20" mark ? Also say they were advertising frames at 50cm then 52cm my conversion of 20" is just short of 51cm would it be better to get the larger or smaller frame ? Thanks


  • Hi

    I found the following site useful for figuring out what size i needed: -

    http://www.competitivecyclist.com/za/CC ... ATOR_INTRO

    Hopefully this will help.
  • If you're uncertain it's better to pay a little more and buy from your LBS who will measure you properly.
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  • I'm a complete beginner as well m8, only just got my bike so I'm hardly qualified to give solid advice.

    However.......after doing a good deal of research on here, it appears that there is quite a variation between manufacturers when it comes to frame sizing. One 54cm sized frame from "Manufacturer A" could actually be smaller or larger than a 54cm from "Manufacturer B".

    I think, and this is just a personal opinion, that it's a bit dodgy purchasing online if you don't know what frame size you are. I'd say always go to a dealer and get measured up and fitted for the particular bike you are looking to buy.

    You could even be really cheeky and visit an LBS to check frame sizes and then order online, but that wouldn't be cricket old chap!!!. 8)
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  • Hi - answering as your about my size.

    I have according to trousers I buy (not really reliable way for sizing a bike but....) an inside leg of about 30-31, I am usually a regular. I did believe as a short man of 5'7 for yearsI was a 29 inch inside leg, but after 20 years of people laughing at my trousers, I had to reluctantly agree.

    I am therefore shorter in the top body than the legs. If I wear a suit jacket, its short, and normal shirt lengths are generally a fraction too long for me, and so have taken to buying expensive shorter armshirts from brands like TM Lewin, Gieves and Hawkes ect.

    So you and I are pretty similar build, probably. Having sat on a number of 53 and 50 bikes (ok remember sloping/semi sloping and manufactuers can make a difference) I find that whilst I have plenty of leg stand over on a 53 frame from say, Boardman, and others, that the stretch to the hoods is uncomfortable.If a few months, with lots of miles under my belt, I might manage it, but as a long term mtb rider of a fairly stretched Orange p7, a 53 was really too long in toe top tube to be comfortable. Even on a 50, my arms have jsut the mearest hint of a bend at the elbow, ie not locked rigid, and sit comfortably.

    Dont worry about stand over top tube height, you'll manage this on most bikesyou try, and BB height rises and lowers in manufactuers ranges to make the actual height of the frame a bit inaccurate - the important measurement you cnt easilly change other than stem length and saddle fore/aft alteration, is the top tube.

    You might therefore find if you are short of the top body, that a smaller frame than generally recommended will fit you like a glove. I'd certainly try a 50 as well as 53's.
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  • Hi, as noted frames differ a lot. It is worth asking the shop for advice. I am 5'8 ish with a 31-32 inside leg and my Cayo is a 54. Seems to fit me ok, the reach does feel a little long after my Carrera but does not cause too much discomfort and gives a nice aerodynamic position. I guess it comes down to what you want a bit too. I use the Carrera for commuting so a less stretched out position suits me for that better.
  • Also depends a lot on the proportions of your body.
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    I found the following site useful for figuring out what size i needed: -

    http://www.competitivecyclist.com/za/CC ... ATOR_INTRO

    Hopefully this will help.

    Just ran through that site doing my own measurements. Came out at a 55cm bike but my current one is 58 (c-t) which I think equates to 23" which always used to be my size in Imperial.

    6.0 tall, inside leg 31 inches for trouser purposes. As this is a common size what size frames do most have. Just looking for a training bike for the turbo or maybe a fixed/single speed

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