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Since everyone slated the Training Bible What book to Learn

polemannpolemann Posts: 49
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I new to Road Cycling and am planning a 200km Wicklow cycle in Ireland June next year. Since I don't have a power meter and only a HRM I need to get some advice on which book I could buy to learn about things like cadence and cycling plans for various distances. I;m planning a busy year cycling and currently do about 100miles per week commuting but this is a flat sea side run into the city....

The other alternative is to get an online coach to work with me to review my goals and workouts.

Your thoughts on books or coaching.


  • Oh yes.... I also want to know about HRM zones for training, Vo2 max stuff and also stretching excercies for cyclists, common injuries and their avoidance, Lactate threshold..... effects on the body for a 10 hours bike ride verses a one hour TT.
  • liversedgeliversedge Posts: 1,002
    Friel's CTB book is probably the best one out there if you are only training with a HRM, IMHO.

    Personally, I also really liked Sally Edward & Sally Reed "Heart Zones Cycling" for specifics related to training in different zones. I like the catalogue of different rides in the appendices and it was easy to read, not too much jargon.
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  • Thanks for the comment liversedge.... I bought the Friel book and also a Chris Carmicheal book "the Ultimate Ride". I've started reading the CC book and so far its really good. I know I need to look into getting a power meter but to be honest with a new bike and a our first baby on the way I'm not going to get anything new for at least a year.
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