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Winter Training Plan - 90% base, is it really worth it?

willbevanwillbevan Posts: 1,241
Hi all,

Just sorting out my winter trainin plan, this will be my first winter of structured riding (Only started riding last october when i put some weight on)

Now done about 3000 miles since then, been racing local club tens and thanks to second hand TT bike, and some structured intervals my TT time has come down from 33:58 to 25:38 on a rolling course.

Now was putting down 16 weeks of standard endurance base with long slow miles as most training plans recommend, but then read some people talking about not focusing on long slow miles, but concentrating on the upper end of the endurance zone... doing away with the Long slow miles...

Just wondered if there is any literature about this aproach or if anyone has done this, and had good results compared to the traditional approach.

Don't really intend to race more than 10 miles, maybe a 25, but really not to interested yet in those, so seems odd doing long slow miles of more than 5x that distance?

any insight or links would be appricaited. (Oh likely will be using a power meter over the winter if that has any bairing on someones comments, and will be keeping to a structured program when i work out what)


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