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HELP - Odd Foot Pain

MoomaloidMoomaloid Posts: 2,040
Hey guys i need some advice. recently back on my back after years of non riding. Now i used to get this pain years ago but battled through it. Now i just can't.

The Pain, is like a bad ache, painful, that runs from the ball of my little toe, right down the outside edge of my foot. I've changed shoes from Sidi to DMT and it persists. I ride Shimano Ultegra's, and i used to ride Looks.

I'm thinking of maybe giving speedplay a go but they are so expensive. Simply because of the shape of the pedals, i thought they may help, with the contact surface not being as wide.

Any ideas? Has anyone suffered from the same?


  • a mate of mine had a similar pain in the outside of his foot, so i told him to put a spacer between his bottom bracket (external) and his pedal arm. It sorted it as he was pushing his weight onto the outside of his foot. There could be any number of reasons for this, so if in doubt check with the quack. Good luck!
    Another tree...another cracked rib!!
  • MoomaloidMoomaloid Posts: 2,040
    Thanx for the advice. You know u just might be right about the weight distribution. :)
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