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Fat beginner recovery

Although never really into cycling I used to be pretty fit, playing football, rugby, tennis all more than once a week. And then lived in Ski resorts excercising a lot. Since then i've been injured and stopped all the competitive sports and resulted in putting on loads of weight.

Am now cycling (which i'm thoroughly enjoying).

I've set myself some hugely optimistic weight loss and cycling distance goals, but what is holding me back is my damn quads!

At first when I got back on the bike, it was my lungs etc holding me back (almost feeling faint when i got back from a ride). But now, I have the enthusiasm (which has been missing for the past few years), and i don't get out of breathe, but even after rest days my legs often just feel tired before i get to the end of my lane.

I have relatively big powerful quads, and if they feel fine at the beginning, they normally cope fine throughout the ride. It's purely that they don't recover very quickly.

Anything I can do to help the recovery? Is it worth applying deep heat or anything to stimulate the blood flow? - Design-Led home furniture and accessories.


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