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Tacx T1680 Flow VS Imagic T1900

cyclingpunkcyclingpunk Posts: 368
I am looking to get a new trainer. Previously had a Cyclops which was ok but was looking to get more feedback on my training over the wetter months. I am sorely tempted by the Imagic but I also feel that setting it up with the computer each time I want to train and the computer races/tours novalty will wear off pretty quick. I think to get the most out you may end up spending a fortune on new discs for it! I still kinda want it though!!!!

Can anyone with one comment on either machine to help me make my decision?

The main thing I would like to see in the T1680 is 'routes' Just so you have some kind of programme so you do not have to adjust resistance youself. Is this an option on this unit or is it all manual?

Many thanks.



  • shmoshmo Posts: 321
    I bought the flow earlier this year with the plan of possibly upgrading to the imagic (using that upgrade kit) in the future but haven't been tempted by the upgrade so far. You're probably right about the set up time, it feels like enough hassle already preparing for a 1 hour torture session in the living room.

    Need to:
    Change back wheel to the one with the trainer tyre
    Put out the foam matting
    Set the bike in the trainer
    Hook up the display and cadence sensor
    Get a drink
    Make sure fan is pointing the right way
    Make sure TV remote is within reach
    Put on some music that isn't annoying
    Put on shorts and cycling shoes

    The only things that might tempt me to upgrade to the imagic are if the talk of doing online races in my club materialise into something which could be fun, or if I decide that I need to do longer than 1 hour sessions to maintain a good weekly mileage. That said I'd probably just give up cycling if I had to do more than 60 mins a day on the turbo.

    You definitely can't do programmed routes on the T1680 so it is all manual. I think the choice boils down to how long you're going to spend on there really. If it's going to be long sunday rides then you need everything you can to make it interesting and the imagic would probably be best. For short interval sessions <1hour then it's probably not so good because I know that when my heart is near max I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a Mount Ventoux vid and RIchard & Judy.
  • liversedgeliversedge Posts: 1,003
    Get a spare wheel off ebay and put the turbo tyre on that. Or if you're really lazy like me get an old bike and set it up permanently. Wonderful thing ebay.
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  • Many thanks SHMO. That is my thoughts too so think I will, just for a change, go for the cheaper option. I will check out how much the upgrade is out of interest.

    I am really looking to do about an hour a day to keep myself topped up with the occaisonal 3 hour session put in during the winter months if I do not get out as much as I would like.
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