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A few years ago I was a bike messenger for 6 years or so. Most was full-time in London (although there was some part-timing while I studied). I recently found some poetry I wrote - I'd forgotten I was so sensitive! See what you think, have never shared these before. Hardcore fixie commuters will probably also identify :) Be nice!


Here's another- written on the back of a job-sheet while the summer people of Carnaby Street strolled by (in about 2001 I spose). I was plotted up waiting for more stuff going north. I had a regular client who was a hippy creative. She was really nice, but she lived in Highgate Village, so it was a sod to go there one-up, then come back empty.


The best days were wet days in February. It was busy enough to keep warm and make very good money, clients were always happy to give you a brew and most part-timers stayed at home, = more cash for the pros! I miss the days, but it ain't what it was. :oops:
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    Sorry - I am more of a limerick man :oops:
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    Thanks for posting those - takes some cojones! I expected to feel slightly embarassed for you, because most times that's what happens reading someones poems - but I genuinely liked them. Particularly the first - very evocative
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    The first poem is wonderful. I'd edit it now after some reflection. The first verse is weak and does not do justice the remainder. Start it with the second verse and substitute "move" in the third line with "to ride".

    The Harrods verse is superb but loses it with the last two words - "city fingers". Replace them with "oily mitts", or something.

    "Souplesse?" Purleeese. "Poise" would do nicely.

    "Rides" rather than "Riding" would work better in the last verse.

    Apart from that, superb stuff - very evocative. Thank you.