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Chest Infection

cliffeycliffey Posts: 80
I have been suffering from a nasty chest infection since June. Went to drs and they said it was Pleurisy and gave me anti biotics etc.

I just wondered if anybody else has suffered from this?

I have started back training but the symptons keep coming back!

It looks like another trip to the docs and no training!

cliffey :twisted:


  • djb1971djb1971 Posts: 565
    Pleurisy can be caused by another infection. Have you had flu or a cold?

    It takes a long time to get rid of. I had it in both lungs that was caused by a blood clot and bi lateral pneumonia all at the same time. It nearly killed me with the other complications I had. I collapsed at home when my wife was out and would have been a gonner if she hadn't turned up earlyand phoned an ambulance. I had to give up cycling and anything strenuous until my lungs had cleared up.

    Trust me when I say, let it clear up before going mad cycling it won't hurt for a few weeks :wink:
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