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Cycle computers - what to look out for

rob13rob13 Posts: 430
Ive just bought a Turbo, largely to aid my return to fitness following a broken leg. I want a computer which can read from the rear effectively, but I dont know which to get.

A lot are now wireless but will they all work ok with the rear wheel?

Lidl seem to have a very cheap £20 wireless computer at the moment with HRM but Ive been looking at the Ciclosport range too. Whats the difference between digital wireless and standard wireless? (8.2 over 4.2 Ciclosport)

Any recommendations folks?


  • The MG950d is extremely east to operate and has everything a biker need. It features a LCD clear display and touch pad. User could Auto- scan for each function -- This device combines the classical features of a cycle computer with most important feature --altitude, current speed, maximum speed, average speed, moved distance, trip time and ODO.

    MG-950d is ideal for biking and traveling. With its diversity of functions is the excellent choice for ambitious biker. While traveling in new place, you could simply connect the logger to a GPS during your trip and take photo then download the track data to a PC and check your route as well as photo mapping. You could do the photo mapping and edit the pictures which make joinery colorful and vivid. This brand new and low cost gadget surely is best choice for all people.

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  • Cecily Huang

    Lol. Who do you work for...?
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  • Just want to share new device for user ... g-950d-gps
  • stevewjstevewj Posts: 227
    Have used a few wireless ones but have given up as the wired are far more reliable and don't suffer from the interference that some wirless can do. I use rear wheel sensor with the magnet fairly near the hub (too near the rim and it can miss the reading as the magnet is moving so fast). I find the Sigma good value - I use max, average, cadence, time, distance and stopwatch. Some have loads more functions but IMO just more to go wrong. One good reason to use wired is it only has one battery to run down, one of my wirelss has three magnets - three opportunities for it to fail.
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