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JC.152JC.152 Posts: 645
Just wondering whether anyone had any advice or experience of training for open and club hillclimbs over the next few months hopefully building up to the nationals that are localish this year.



  • synchronicitysynchronicity Posts: 1,415
    First some questions:

    How long are the hills?
    What grade?
    What gears are you using? Gear ratios I mean...
  • celbianchicelbianchi Posts: 854
    i tend to do the hillclimb circuit round the north of England at the end of the road season.

    I started racing HC's to extend the season 3 years ago and generally finish in the top 6 in open events.

    The events range from 2 minute blasts to the long 20 minute climb of Hartside.

    For the shorter ones it is just a case of going eyeballs out and riding as hard as you can through the pain. My best way to prepare for that is to hammer the hills hard in the month leading up to the season (e.g. now, I have already done the first open HC of the season last Friday night!!). Also I use the crit races and pursuits that are still on as training and attack regularly and ride as hard as I can out front for 5 mins at a time, recover in the bunch then repeat.

    I am sure someone will have a scientific approach, but just get on some of the hills that the events are on and give it some. It helps to know the hill in advance of the race then you know where the steeper pitches are.

    I don't use the turbo at all for preparation, if you have raced over the season then it is just refining things to be able to ride all out for 5 minutes. You should get to the line on the cusp of vomiting (nice, I know)

    I'll miss the nationals as am at the Braveheart do the night before :cry:
  • You will have to get a couple of early hc in to qualify, closing date is 7 oct.Training wise, plenty of hill intervals,on similar gradient,distance, 3 to 4 sets, twice a week.A couple of tempo rides, a longish ride a weekend, with lots of hill,but steady. Keep of the beer and cake.Open events before national, you have to do the Rake, closed road,loadspeaker,and about 1000 people chearing you on,is almost like being a pro.If you dont chuck at the finish, you aint gone hard enough. :shock:
    ding dang do
  • JC.152JC.152 Posts: 645
    I use 52/39 and 12-25 on the back and started training for it this week with hill reps.

    I'm 15 and does anyone know whether you can enter things like the nationals and how many juveniles or juniors enter it?
  • celbianchicelbianchi Posts: 854
    As a junior you can enter same as any senior, they will make you wear a helmet.
    I guess if you are 15 then rather than follow my policy of battering yourself on the hills in the build up to Hc races, that you may need to think about how much intensity you do, and possibly gearing.

    I use 53/39 and 23/11 for HC's. Obviously a lot of juniors are equally as strong as seniors, but I am not sure if they have restricted gears for juniors in CTT events. Best to check.
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