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Brian1Brian1 Posts: 595
Have I got the f**king cold again?I take a pure orange juice as part of my breakfast,and have an orange along with a sandwich and a yogurt for lunch.I then have salad or fish or ocassionally red meat for dinner.This is now the 5th time I have had the cold this year(all head colds)I train 2/3 times a week.Should I be taking a multi vitamin?Any thoughts would be appreciated.


  • :D It may well be that your body isn't very good at absorbing the vitamin c that you are taking. You could drink gallons of the stuff and all you'd end up with is orange p1ss and another head cold. You may need to consult your gp and see if they can recommend a test to see if you either difficient in certain things or if your body is not absorbing correctly.
    For some reason your body doesn't seem to be truelly ridding itself of whatever viral nasty that you've picked up and as soon as you start stripping it down on the bike your immune system throws its toys out of the pram.

    Speak to a medic if you're worried and, if like mine, they're modern thinking, they will point you towards some meaningful tests. Good luck :D
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  • ut_och_cyklaut_och_cykla Posts: 1,594
    If you're ill otherwise see a doctor! IS there is a chance you are allergic to something?

    But if its just irritating perhaps teh following might help....

    Diet is important but you need to look at the whole picture to get an inkling of why you get so many colds.

    Are you eating enough in relation to how much you train? Enough carbs and protien? Dieting and training hard is not a good idea - you're less likely to train hard as you can and you'll leave yourself open to infections.

    Are you eating good quality food? Those oranges might have been off the tree for months!

    Are you resting enough between training sessions and most importantly waiting till you're well again before thrashing yourself.

    Does your life include a lot of stress? - hectic job, disturbed nights (little kids), meet lots of people, work in unusaual setting (eg deep freeze worker?

    personally I'd suggest you try a good multi vitamin, that contains B vitamins and Zinc as well as Vitamin C up to 500mg/day - you might need to take a seperate Vit. C for this. TAke it for 3 months adn see if it makes any difference. Look over your diet, get plenty of rest and wash your hands often if you meet a lot of people in your work.

    Get well soon!
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