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riding buddies around solihull shirley

deckdeck Posts: 7
i have being riding know for about half a year and i want someone to ride with and someone to push me on longer rides and a bit of compnay on the rides make them more enjoyable

so i usually ride for about 50k at an average speed of 16mph

let me know anyone around the area and how often you ride etc

cheers dec


  • shazzzshazzz Posts: 1,077
    Solihull has an active club.
  • deckdeck Posts: 7
    right ok thanks i have had a look and i want to join that club but it says i need some third party insurance sounds stupid but can anyone point me in the right direction for this i would very much appreciatate it

    cheers dec
  • shazzzshazzz Posts: 1,077
    CTC (Cycling Tourist Club) does a good policy as part of membership. You may be able to get this discounted through the solihull CC itself. Give the club contact a ring / email and (s)he should be able to advise.
  • deckdeck Posts: 7
    ye will do that thanks shazz

    really appreciatate it

  • stevewjstevewj Posts: 227
    Hi, if you want to give the club a try first - go to the small carpark opposite the Barley Mow for about 8.55 as the first runs leave at about 9.00 starting with the A. It's worth taking a pump, two inner tubes and tyre levers, a multitool, a full water bottle and some fig rolls or whatever to keep your energy up. From what you have said you would cope with the C run except the distance might get you (although someone will stay with you if you drop off as all runs except the E run do 50miles or more). The B might be a bit too fast although all of the rides have a cafe stop for 30mins or so (take about a fiver for a coffee and a slab of cake) a bit after half distance. Bear in mind that 16mph solo is a lot harder effort than the same speed in a group. If you go there, walk up about half way from the Warwick Rd end of the group and that's where the C and D run people will be - tell them you are new and introduce yourself. One easy option (although less sociable) is if you look at the homepage on the website you can see where the runs are going, choose an easyish one, ride out with them for, say, 15miles and turn back or find out where it is on the map so you can cut back later on if you want to i.e. the D run this week is Stratford so not difficult to get back if you need to. A word about etiquette - people in front will shout 'on the left' or 'inside' i.e. a hazard coming up on your left, or 'hole', gravel, water etc and these need passing back. A left hand behind the rider in front waving from left to right means some hazard like a car parked which the group needs to move out to avoid. You'll pick it up quickly but can be confusing if you don't know what it means and you are thinking about it as you hit the parked car ! I ride on my own as I have a set three hour route to Wellesbourne which means that I get home for midday so I get the afternoon to do other stuff and don't do a cafe stop, although I occasionally join a ride if it's going to be heading my way out just for a bit of chat as I only see people at races otherwise. Other runs include an easy and a fast ride on tuesdays and thursdays and a fast saturday ride which you might progress to. Whatever you decide, good luck and let us know how you get on.
  • deckdeck Posts: 7
    ok thanks stevewj appreciate it

    when do the rides go on is it every day or once a week or what

    and does it vary each week as to where they go

  • stevewjstevewj Posts: 227
    All the rides I mentioned i.e. the five sunday, two tues and thurs, and the saturday rides happen every week. The only fixed ones for route are the fast saturday run and the fast thursday run (which alternates between Wellesbourne and Alcester). The sat run to Studley is about 47 miles at 21/22 mph and the thursday is around 60 at 20 mph. The Sunday runs vary as to the destination as on the club web site homepage under 'Events'. The destination of the other runs (1 x thurs and 2 x tues) are in the club mag but start from the Punchbowl in Lapworth and the Reservoir Pub at Earlswood. If you want detail I can tell you. If you intend coming this Sunday the D run (which you should find comfortable) is to Stratford so won't be too far for your first ride. The C run is Broadway so could be as far as 80 maybe. It's always best to start with an easier ride and work your way up.
  • deckdeck Posts: 7
    ye i will come on sunday to stratford

    what are the details please
  • stevewjstevewj Posts: 227
    Just roll up to the carpark opposite the Barley Mow (by the Lode Lane/Warwick road island) about 8.55 and ask half way down the group of cyclists for Trevor Bayliss or someone from the D run. The run should be about 45 to 55 at about 15mph or so, will stop at a cafe in Stratford for 30 mins or so and come back via (I believe) Earlswood where there is a stop for those who want to at one of the Earlswood pubs. IIt might be worth bringing a lock to attach your bike to something solid although the cafe in Stratford has off - pavement 'parking'. I doubt I'll be there as I'm racing at 8.00 but may meet up by Knowle and join in for a warm down (weather allowing).
  • deckdeck Posts: 7
    right cheers stevewj

    i am afaraid i werent able to make it today i had every intention on going but due to a night out at a mates house i didnt get up early enough sorry about that

    anyway anymore rides going on in the week or weekend i will attend still looking for someone to ride with atleast 3 times a week so if anyone is out there and they dont mind me tagging along with them let me know appreciatate it
  • stevewjstevewj Posts: 227
    I did the time trial then came over and rode with the D to Snittersfield, then went back solo (nearly three hours). You would have been OK. There are rides from The Punchbowl at Lapworth on Tuesday at 9.50 but don't know where to, tends to be a whole day thing. The ride from the Punchbowl at 10 on thursday is to Alcester. Of course, you could ride there, introduce yourself and ride till you don't know the route any more, then go back on your own if you didn't want to do the whole run.
  • Deck, stevewj....I'm not far from you guys, just off the Shirley Rd.

    I have been thinking about Solihull but Sundays are a bit awkward for me as the Mrs likes to go out riding as well and with a 0900 start it's a late finish if I'm going out again later.

    Like Deck I have been riding for a couple of years, do anything from 15-50 miles, about 1600 so for this year around the 16mph mark. Mainly I go out along the bypass and down to catherine de barnes then out to Hampton, Barston,Meriden, Fen'll know where I mean, nice riding country......however, I could do with some company somedays.

    Mostly I'll get out on Monday and Wednesday evenings (sometime between 1700-1800)for 20-30 and then Saturday either early (0800) or late (1600).

    If I make it on Sunday I like to be on the road by 0800 if possible.

    If anyone is interested in meeting up occasionaly then drop me a PM,...oh, and it's Steve btw, male, 48, mostly harmless... :)
    Is it raining yet?
  • hi all

    ive got a knee that allows me to do and hour and a quarter 20 -23 miles then starts to get sore so until the physio sorts it i can only so the 20 mile rides so cant go out with any of the clubs.

    i go weekend and one eve in week whilst its light, 16 -17 average on my own, flattish but with 4 or 5 hills on my route. i like the hills and like to push; dickens heath, hockley heath, packwood house, tanwortth in arden, earlswood, then back to dickens heath.

    if anyone interested give me a shout.


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