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To Train Or Not To Train?

disgruntledgoatdisgruntledgoat Posts: 8,957
Goign away for the weekend on Thursday and there shall be no bike... naturally I'm keen to make the most of this week before I go away, particularly since my year, through various things, has been a bit of a write off.

Looking to do 3x 1 hour interval sessions tonight through to wednesday.

Hpwever, i did 2 3.5 hour rides (one flat one hilly) on the weekend in that dreadful weather and have ended up with a cough that's getting worse as the day goes on.

Do I rest and lose a little more of my tenuous grasp on form this year, or do i bash on through and rest it off later in the week?
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  • vermootenvermooten Posts: 2,697
    They say - and they should know - that if the cough is above the neck then it's fine to continue training, if below then lay off til you're better. They also say that you're not going to lose much form over a week or two. I ignored them in the Spring and made a bad sitch worse, no bike for almost 2 months and that sucked balls.

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