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Work out program to help fitness and weight (abs:-)

jtjtjtjtjtjt Posts: 16
I work full time and currently go on aggressive bike work outs once or twice after work and once on the weekend, from elstree to central london and back again.

I am moving away from my current mbt towards a £500 road bike, Id like to get a diet program together to help me drop some of my excess weight, say about a 3/4 of a stone, I have slight excess weight on my hips, not much just enough so you can see it when wearing a biking top..

I currently eat after work (late) so Id like to start taking my eating habits and riding schedule a bit more seriously.

I dont smoke.
I do drink coffee, do drink energy drinks some times at lunch time (green v drink).
I work 9-6 monday to friday.
Can eat any thing but have tried to drop red meat.

Id like a really nice mid section and often after riding I can feel just how good the ride has been for me.

Any one got any good week by week health plains for bikers?
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