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Sports Training Courses-cycling orientated

Ken NightKen Night Posts: 2,005
I'm keen to take a course in cycling orientated sports training-in order to further my aim of earning my living being associated with bikes and biking

Without having done a google search which I'm sure would disclose all sorts of irrelevant stuff from people more keen to sell their propostion than to get me what I want, I'd be interested in finding out what others do
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  • doyler78doyler78 Posts: 1,951
    Earning your living from being associated with bikes and biking is a big area so you may want to sit down and think about what it is that you actually want to do because only when you know what you want can you set goals to achieve it.

    If you want to get into coaching then you really would need a solid background in exercise physiology (to a degree would excellent) and then work your way up the cycle coaching levels and of course you will also generate more interest if your own riding has been sufficiently good to instill confidence in others. It always harder to sell yourself as a coach when you are fat and never cycled a day in your life but no all the theory. You may very well be able to create great programmes but just may not be able to empathise very well with the person being coached as you don't have the background that gives you insight into what they are trying to tell you.

    If you want to work in a bike shop then just apply like any other retail job but you will have to display your passion for cycling.

    If you to be a mechanic then you can just take a cycle maintenance course and start doing work from home or you could go for Cytech accrediation (the gold standard of cycle maintenance).

    If you really just want to be around bikes and just think you want a job in the area but find that you actually can't be bothered to spend the time and effort to make it happen just join your local club and they will be more than happy for you to volunteer in their local club races, tt, etc.

    As I say you can't achieve a goal unless you know what that goal is in the first place.
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