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lakitulakitu Posts: 9
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Hi, I am new to road biking and want to purchase my first bike. I have been doing my own research online and have tried bikes instore. I have been told it is wise to purchase older models 07, 06 as they have a similar spec but are cheaper.

The problem is I cannot seem to find many online. I am interested in a Bianchi C2C or B4P or other similar bikes around the £700 - £1000 mark. Can anyone recommend me an online store where you can purchase older models? Thank you.


  • daz51daz51 Posts: 159
    I know Evans cycles do older year bikes. I saw one 2006 the other day.

    This time of year also is where 2008 bikes start to be replaced with next year bikes. Certainly over the coming months this will be happning
  • daniel_bdaniel_b Posts: 10,714
    Paulscycles, and winstanleys also stock a lot of older bikes.

    Winstanleys generally have a bad rep (from other postings on this forum), BUT, a mate ordered a hybrid bike off them a couple of weeks ago, had good comms from the company, and it was delivered within 7 days to his home, easily within the timeframe they said it would be.

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  • meagainmeagain Posts: 2,331
    If your size and if you don't mind Giant (can't see why anyone would!), some good prices on 2007 SCRs at paulscycles. A while ago, but I've bought a couple of bikes and a frame from them and had good service.
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  • HornettoHornetto Posts: 141
    I just bought the 07 Specialized Allez Sport from Paulscycles - at £500 it was £200 cheaper than the 08 model which I tried in my LBS and very similar spec. It is my first road bike too, so like you I was advised that the older model could be good for me. It feels exactly the same (only difference seems to be the colour!).

    It arrived in 2 days from when I ordered it (free delivery too!), and I couldn't be happier.
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  • lakitulakitu Posts: 9
    Ah I have seen a couple of good deals on those sites, thank you. Unfortunetly the more I research the harder this is becoming.
  • huggyhuggy Posts: 242
    De Ver Cycles is good for older frames :)
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