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today i rode 28 miles, but

lesz42lesz42 Posts: 690
hi all!

today i rode, from prestatyn to rhos on sea, (about 14 miles each way), was ok apart from the rain!

but on 2 on the steep uphill bridge climbs, i was totaly worn out, had to walk the bike,

now i have only had a bike for 4 weeks, am 38 , very unfit, losing weight ( was 15.5 now 14 and dropping)

doing about 20 to 28 miles on rides each week on flat seafront/canel paths, would it be better to go on more hilly stuff or carry on the flat stuff?

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  • dylsdyls Posts: 64
    I'd mix it up a bit. It doesn't need to be 28 miles on hilly stuff in the beginning.
  • Pete236Pete236 Posts: 201
    As dyls said, it doesn't have to be all the same stuff! Maybe try saving yourself on the flat bits, pootle along enjoying the scenery - but then really attack the climbs and make sure that you get to the top - then once you're over the top and knackered, keep rolling but gently pedalling so you're getting your breath back without totally stopping - a bit like walking for a little while during a run to get some puff back.
    I read somewhere that sometimes a series of short sprints of energy can be more effective than a long period of steady exercise, so try and get some good sharp sprints into the ride if you can - there's gotta be one or two fun bits that you can enjoy flat out!
    More than anything though, go for some variety. Explore a little to keep the interest up. When i got into biking I was all keen but after a few months of commuting the same 12 miles each way I got bored and started driving again. Now I'm working rather than at college, the knobbly tyres are back on so I can go back to off-roading and I'm riding more and more now!

    All the best and keep it up!

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