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PowerTap Cadence sensor

JungliJungli Posts: 201
Hi all

How accurate is the actual hub for measuring cadence and is it worth getting the separate cadence sensor?




  • nmcgannnmcgann Posts: 1,780
    I find the hub alone pretty good when putting a decent power level through it.

    When just spinning with no pressure on the pedals the downloaded data is a bit jumpy and spikey, but I don't reckon the data is that interesting then anyway.

    I wouldn't bother with the extra cadence sensor myself, it's another wire for no real benefit.

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  • Virtual cadence on the PT is a bit hit and miss. For some it works OK but for many it is unreliable and often inaccurate.

    The question is really - how important is cadence data to you?

    It has some uses in post ride analysis (such as pedal force vs pedal speed analysis) but not all that much else.
  • JungliJungli Posts: 201
    Hmmm, not going to bother then.


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