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Turbo Trainers

oxonoxon Posts: 35
want a Turbo for quick interval sessions and ride to run brick in winter, what is a good entry level trainer without breaking bank and do i really need a different back wheel/tyre to stop excessive tyre wear?

Thanks for all your help


  • mr-edmr-ed Posts: 130
    I'd defiantly use a different tire the turbo seems to flatten them off. I just use an old tire not a turbo specific one. I've got a Tacx satori which i find okay. Turbos are really boring, good if you really can't go out riding, but sometimes I'd rather brave the weather! Defiantly worth thinking if your really going to get the use out of it, its a lot of money for something you rarely use.
  • yogiyogi Posts: 456

    Basically the more you pay for a Turbo Trainer the smoother running it tends to be, plus you generally get more gizmos like power read-out etc.

    I've got a really old Elite that has magnetic resistance as opposide to the fan ones which tend to be a bit noisy. It does the job just fine but I do use a harder wearing tyre on it - a Schwalbe Blizzard as it wears out my usual Michelin Pro's. It's worth having a spare rear wheel with such a tyre fitted or you can get turbo specific tyres.

    I changed my views on fancy turbo trainers when I saw Graham Obree using one he'd rigged up with an old shopping bicycle - the man's a genius.

    If you have a look on our website there is an article on turbo training in the 'X-Files' section.
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