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Has anyone burnt out?

barry_kellett99barry_kellett99 Posts: 480
Evening all, just looking a little advice.
My background is mainly mountain biking to be honest, but most of my time is spent on the road commuting. I have a 35mile round trip which I occasionally stretch out to a 40 mile trip with a different return journey. Typically I would do this on average of 3 or 4 days a week giving me say around 100 - 140 miles a week.

I would couple football training occasionally on the same day and would regularly go to the gym at lunch time from work to do some weights. I would only have an extra activity on a commuting day maybe once or twice a week.

I eat plenty. I always have a big bowl of good quality Muslei when I get in to work. I eat plenty of Carbs. I eat lots of fruit and Veg. I also eat a lot of censored (Chocolate and crisps).

I'm 28, have been very very active for about 10 years, and been doing my current commute for 2 years. I am 5'10", 74kgs and consider myself to be fairly fit.

However last week I collapsed when on my lunch break. It felt like I was "Bonking" but I suddenly got very dizzy and subsequently fainted and had a seizure. I split my head open and I have about 20 minutes of blank, but apparently I wasn't completely unconcious for all of that time. The doctors have done loads of tests. Bloods, Heart, Blood sugars, Virus's, Epilepsy & Brain tests and everything has come back clear. So they are stumped and have put it down to an unexplained faint.

The doctors never once said I was overdoing it exercise wise, but as cycling to work is so strange to some people, you can imagine everyone else has formed their own expert opinion that I am doing too much, or not eating enough etc. I didnt even cycle in that day, and had done nothing all week as I was having a few days rest period.

I know people are worried about me, and to be honest It has worried me a lot since. However, has anyone on here collapsed from fatigue? My body didnt feel like it was frazzled. Perhaps It was a build up of fatigue that I never picked up on as my muscles were not sore?

I'm sure there are a lot of people on here who train a lot harder than I and closer to the limits of what is safe and sensible.



  • alanmcn1alanmcn1 Posts: 531
    I had a few of these happen about 5 years back (I was about 27). Exact same build as you, though probably do less (couple of gym sesions a week then 70-100Km on a sunday).

    I was told i was having sudden BP drops, usually occuring during hot periods, coinciding with hayfever and short burst high intensity events like a session on the rower or big weights.

    Good news is mine dissapeared as sudden as it started. Still never got a definitive reason behind it
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  • ColinJColinJ Posts: 2,218
    It might be worth taking a look here.

    I did a quick search for unexplained fainting and found numerous references to Long QT Syndrome which apparently doesn't always show up on initial tests.
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