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Shoulder pain

geoff_ssgeoff_ss Posts: 1,201
Way back in 1990 I went over the handlebars in a big way when a cat decided the quickest way across the road was through my front wheel. I suffered spinal shock which paralysed me (quite traumatic!) but gradually over several months I got enough movement to walk/ride etc though I still suffer various after effects.

One of them is severe pain in the muscle roughly in the middle of my left shoulder blade after riding various distances. It's like a red hot knife being pushed into the muscle and is very painful. I've tried various cures over the years and none have been successful. I now ride a flat bar bike which helps a bit. I have a feeling it's referred pain from my neck (that's where the main trauma was) but I don't know.

This post is in desperation really. I just wondered if anyone else has suffered similarly and found a cure. What? Or is an expert in these things and can suggest a different approach. I've even tried kinesiology! let alone chiropractic, osteopathy, and acupuncture.

I really suffered today on what was otherwise a super ride (100km) hence this post.

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  • brbellybrbelly Posts: 35
    i had a similar experience while doing the coast to coast 2 years ago. came off the bike got a permanant scar on my stomach and landed on my left shoulder.

    now get stabbing pains in my shoulder when i ride long distance on the road bike.

    before i leave rub ibuprofen gel into my shoulder and take ibuprofen tablets half way through a ride if the pain returns.

    the pain doesnt go away but it does relieve it to bearable levels.
  • I too have suffered similar pains in my shoulder. Really intense and very sharp pain between muscle and bone in the shoulder.

    Not sure how much of this is the result of the bike set up which I am sure could be improved, but taking ibuprofen got me through the EDD and WRC this year.

    Its well worth trialling this out on training runs as the drugs may affect your ability to absorb food/ water etc...
  • geoff_ssgeoff_ss Posts: 1,201
    Thanks for the input gents. I'd hoped to be able to avoid medication solutions but perhaps they're worth trying.

    Tony: training rides? I've never trained in my life. I just go out on my bike - sometimes for a long time, though not so long in recent years :)

    Old cyclists never die; they just fit smaller chainrings ... and pedal faster
  • trekvettrekvet Posts: 221
    A long shot, this ; could be a nerve getting pinched as it goes through shoulder. If you look at shoulder bones nerves are a tight fit through the gaps, and any misalignment could trap one. Try this to stretch them; lye on back, put that arm out (palm up) at 2o`clock position and let knees drop to opposite side while keeping back of hand on carpet. But try good side first to spot the difference, if any.
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  • Steve0843Steve0843 Posts: 187
    Hello Geoff,

    I went OTB and separated my shoulder. Do you have a lump like a step down where your collar bone links to your rotator cuff? If so it could be that. I do loads of flexibility exercises and wear an insulating pack for every ride, it seems to stop it getting too painfull. When it started getting really bad my doctor injected steroids into the joint, that helped but is short term.
  • CorianderCoriander Posts: 1,326
    I have problems with my right shoulder and back after an operation for a dislocating shoulder. I find that regular yoga helps a lot, it might be worth a shot for you. Whatever you try, I hope it works.
  • El Nino 9El Nino 9 Posts: 22
    I had shoulder surgey last year after repeated dislocation.

    One of the pains post operation is/was as you discribe. For me it was a case that there was not enough muscle mass on my back and shoulder blades (still working on it), it felt like I had a knife in my left shoulder blade, every time I moved it felt as though the blade was being twisted.

    I've found daily stretches and gentle muscle building exercises have helped. Press up's, stretching above my head and behind my back with both hands held together were some of the things I was shown to increase movement.

    Personally I would seek advice from a Physio...... Again!
  • geoff_ssgeoff_ss Posts: 1,201
    Thanks for the other comments.

    One of my friends is an osteopath, ex-international road racer and one time women's BCF team coach and she gave up on me a few years ago. Perhaps there is a non-medication answer and I'll try someone else.

    Old cyclists never die; they just fit smaller chainrings ... and pedal faster
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