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Its not all carbon frames and bulging lycra

boybikerboybiker Posts: 531
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Just wanted to share my news about coming third in my first ever ten mile time trial yesterday, beating guys on bikes that cost 5 times as much as mine. It just goes to show it's not all about how much you can afford in the way of gear it's whats in your heart and stuff like that.

And I like to think I bulged a bit too ha ha :lol:
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  • ChrisLSChrisLS Posts: 2,749
    ...well done boybiker...I always like hearing about upstarts without the expensive kit beating those with the expensive gear :D is always the rider that makes the difference. Keep it up... 8)
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  • So what time did you get?
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  • pottsstevepottssteve Posts: 4,066
    Cycling's easier on button moon due to the lower gravity and total lack of air resistance... :wink:
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  • nasahapleynasahapley Posts: 717
    Hats off to ya BB, sounds like you're a bit of a natural at the TT-ing lark. I really want to have a pop at a proper 10 mile TT myself and keep deluding myself that I'll achieve a podium position first time out! As it is I'm too lazy to figure out how to go about entering one...

    Just out of interest, what was the general reaction to a young upstart beating more experienced guys with all the flash gear?
  • boybikerboybiker Posts: 531
    33 minutes 40 seconds which was blinking hard work as it was very windy and hilly, the fastest guy did it in 28 minutes and something and he had a proper TT bike.
    I have to admit I am suffering a bit today :?
    The gear changing, helmet wearing fule.
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  • Nice one.

    Don't want to take anything away from you but what event was it? To come in over 5 minutes adrift on a '10' and that still be good enough for third place is a bit uncommon. It must have been a tough course for the winner to do it in 28 mins on a proper TT bike!
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  • Clever PunClever Pun Posts: 6,778
    this dude came first didn't he?

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  • geoff_ssgeoff_ss Posts: 1,234
    Well done! It must have been a hard day and course but you overcame it.

    The bit of racing I did was on a Mercian touring frame (originally built for 27" wheels) with a pair of sprints I built myself (Mavic/Campag Record 36 hole L/F). My usual '10' time on a flat course with minimal traffic was around 25 minutes (pb 24' 50").

    A young lad turned up one evening for his first race with a brand new TT bike quite convinced he was going to win as he had the best bike. He didn't even get inside 30 minutes and we never saw him again.

    It's the 'engine' and the ability to suffer that counts. The fancy kit comes later.

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  • IeuanllanIeuanllan Posts: 152
    In my triathlon yesterday, I was quietly satisfied when I, on my Giant SCR3, caught up with, and then dropped like water, a guy on a full on TT bike, smurf helmet and everything. :D

    I'm almost glad I haven't got enough money to kit myself out like that, 'cause I'm really not that great a bike myself, 13.6 miles took me over 45 minutes! :oops:
    I like to think I over did it on the swim, but I know it isn't true.
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