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Carbon Vs Alu

CraigbesCraigbes Posts: 74
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I'm torn between a top end alu or a bottom end carbon framed bike. Although carbon appears to be the way forward in some peoples eyes it also appears to have some weight limitations. A few people i've spoken to have said that given my weight of 16 stone, i'd be better off with an alu frame. Any advice welcome :?


  • Rich HcpRich Hcp Posts: 1,355
    Ali will be more robust over time, I think

    I'd rather have a top end ali bike.

    I'm sure others will disagree :lol:

    Giving it Large
  • System_1System_1 Posts: 513
    Well, I rode a fairly basic full carbon frame around the potholed city streets for about 3 years with my weight at the time fluctuating between 16-17.5 stone and it didn't break so I don't think there is anything to worry about with regards to your weight.

    Personally I'd rather have a top drawer aluminium frame than a cheap carbon one. In fact I replaced my carbon frame with just such a thing. Makes a much nicer bike IMO though things have come along a bit with regards to carbon in the past few years.
  • blorgblorg Posts: 1,169
    Most carbon frames should not have a problem with 16 stone, I wouldn't worry about that.
  • sicrowsicrow Posts: 791
    No at 16 stone you shouldn't have a problem, as alot of the thoughts from 3 - 5 years ago about cheap carbon have gone. The advances recently have by all reports accelerated immensleyin quality, If you go for a well respected maker then it will be fine and there are lots of posts on this forum with regard to carbon frames/bikes that are competitively priced
  • zaynanzaynan Posts: 180
    Achieve a more comfortable ride by budgeting for a carbon seatpost and carbon bars on the Alu bike (if it hasn't already got them). Or, buy a nice steel frame! :such as the Brian Rourke 953 - Although the Rourke is quite exepnsive!
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