White Rose: How was it for you?

Fantastic weather today. Great scenery. Excellent organisation and signing although I had a navigational nightmare: missed the turn off at Arton because I was following a rider who, unbeknown to me, was NOT riding the event :oops: . Blasted through to Gargrave slighly mystified why I hadn't passed anybody. In the end I had to retrace my route all the back to Airton where I saw streams of riders taking the turn I'd missed :evil: . In the end my 80 miles turned into 93miles at 6:33hrs. Missed out on certain Silver time :x .


  • ash68
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    sorry to hear of your navigational probs. Agree with your comments though, smashing weather, lovely warm sunshine. Think it made for a long hot day in the saddle mind.. I did the 185 km route in a time of 7 hrs 47 mins, which am pretty happy with really as I'm no speed demon. Gotta say this was one well organized event. Breakfast available before the ride, well stocked feed stations with energy drink, flapjacks, a whole variety osf cereal bars, bananas, fudge.mmm A feast you might say. Then a meal provided at the end as well. All good stuff!!! The same team put on ther Ryedale Rumble 27 July. I've already got me entry in .Can't wait!!!!! MIght not be saying that when I hit Rosedale Chimney at 100 miles mind!!!
  • Hard, tough, sweaty, and thoroughly enjoyable.
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    I did the 133km route with 4 mates. We found it considerably harder than we had anticipated but felt pretty chuffed to all finish. I echo your comments re the organisation: it was fantastic and the route was great, although I was not pleased to go up Langbar at the end! Still that's part of the challenge. Feed stations were well organised and stocked as well. Roll on next year when the cramp and pain is forgotton and we do it all again.
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    Right after the first big roundabout and went about 5 miles up the road before coming to another roundabout and seeing no signs. Had to backtrack and added at least 30 mins to my time. That'll teach me to cycle with my head down!

    Some brutally big hills (saw people pushing their bikes up some of them), but otherwise a great day.
  • I forgot to add my tan lines are incredible.
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    A great day out. I did the 133 kms route. Managed to make it round in one piece and managed to climb Langbar this year, though I think it would have been quicker to walk!! Had a bad spell between 40 and 50 miles up Littondale and the climb out of Halton Gill but managed to get through it.

    Would just like to echo the comments about the organisation. If you enjoyed this one why not enter the Ryedale Rumble. Fantastic cycling on quiet roads on the North Yorks Moors. Oh, and a couple of hills :D .
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    What a great day, lovely route ( i did the 185km ) superbly organized, very good feed stations and no rain. Many thanks to all that organized and helped. :wink:
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    I thought the organisationwas spot on, rather bloody marvellous for the organisers to arrange some hot and sunny weather.

    The 50 mile sprint was a challenge, the descents were great, only at one point was i too quick, and locked a back wheel when some cars decided to stop in front of me. My own fault if i would have hit anyone, so hands up there. Then on the final drop to the finish i hit a big stone at some real speed, went sideways and had a right tank slapper. Carried on then on one of the corners at 2km to go, i turned left, and the bike didnt. I ended up a little bank then down again. Bottom twitching, but i stayed upright. Front wheel puncture.

    To all the guys that passed me, thanks for the quick chats, really enjoted meeting other guys from the forum.

    Oh and Mr Karl Johnson, can i say sigining on is a dead easy process. You look for your name, move your finger along the line and then sign. Dont sign in my box and then take my number! The organisers had a little kerfuffle sorting the mess out.

    Once back at HQ, and now certified, i had a fab massage from Sue. Now Sue reckons i have sexy calfs......cor thanks Sue.

    Food, and beer, which had never tasted so sweet was wonderful.

    How many of you didnt put any sun block on? I am glowing from the sun, and i found some after sun, from ex Mrs J. Only slapped a load on to arms, legs, face, neck, and went for a quick drink with friends. Then the fun started, coz i used bleedin SHIMMER. I am shimmering like a 70's disco ball! Smells nice tho.

    So my considered summary is top drawer event, 10 out of 10.
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  • MartinJ
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    Great Day today. Did the long route and missed gold by 1minute and 10 seconds. :roll: Aaaargh!!!

    Superb event :D - well organised and very friendly. Endless cups of tea at the end - very much need and some good food. And sunshine! Thanks to everyone who organised / helped! :D

    My best day on the bike so far this year. :D
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    Great day for me as well.I did the long route for the second time Decided on a new strategy this year. Last year I set off too fast and ended up limping to the finish in 8 hours 30. This year I decided to hold back until the Coal Road. It sort of went to plan because I felt quite sprightly until Langbar. I then hammered it to the finish thinking that silver was 8 hours 15.
    I was congratulating myself on getting inside the time in 8 hours 13 minutes and 17 seconds, only to find that Silver was in fact awarded for times under 8 hours 13. My fault, I should have checked. I'll have to come back again next year.
    As previously the organisation and logistics were exemplary. I'm really intrigued to know how they always arrange a heatwave for the event.
    It was nice to meet Ken Knight for the first time, also to see Andrew Wheatley, Blonde and MRushton again.
    Like Howie, my tan lines are spectacular and are throbbing pink at the moment. Must remember sunblock next time.
  • Ken Night
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    Superbly organised from driving into the carpark to driving ut again. Well done guys

    Highlights of the day were meeting Nickwill, Ritchyboy, Nelson, Blonde, and M Rushton
    By the time I'd asked three wearers of Panasonic Shirts if they were SoShocked, people were starting to move away from me when I approached.....so I didn't ask the fourth one I saw-Ritchyboy toold me that was the man-looked like a pro to me!

    My goal of 7hrs, was always a tough one-and blown out of the possible by a puncture on the first leg losing me time and the good group I was with.

    A pinch flat after hitting a cattle grid hard, on the last leg was irritating, but allowed me to forget about getting gold, and to enjoy the rest of the event, which I did

    7h46m was the result with the same riding time as last year, even though I did more on my own

    I love cycling in the Dales-tw great events in the last three weeks with this and the EDD. Well done all
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    Third time I've done this and the third time it's been utterly perfect. Today was the coolest and windiest of the three (whoever they get to control the weather needs to pull his/her finger out!) but then it got almost too hot. I didn't think they could improve the event but they proved me wrong at the sign on which is now an absolute breeze. Seriously, someone should give the organisers a medal as what they do is fantastic. I'm normally one of life's moaners but I'd struggle for weeks to come up with a criticism of this event. Alright, the finish catches you out springing up from behind a tree as it does but then you encounter Otley and all becomes clear! A huge slap on the back for all who put time and effort into this fantastic event. I for one appreciate it and judging by the comments of the devastated bodies on the rugby pitch at the finish, I'm not the only one neither.
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  • andy_wrx
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    Bloody good event !

    Really well organised, friendly and helpful marshals and volunteers
    - even the guy printing-out the certificate at the end thought to glance at it, note my name and hand it to me with a comment of 'Well done, Andy, good time' : a little thoughtful touch and the whole event had quite a few similar ones.

    A good route, great weather - although like others I'm a bit on the pink side now...

    I went to Italy last week, did 330miles over 5 100K+ days including Friday and then a plane back in the evening, didn't get home until the early hours yesterday (Saturday).
    Perhaps this wasn't the classic preparation :roll:
    The riding imght have been good conditioning, but the late night made me feel terrible yesterday and 'tapering' consisted of rebuilding the bike and attempting to laze about yesterday.
    So this morning I felt stiff and tired before I got out of bed.

    Those climbs early on past the reservoirs were a bit alarming, coming so early and I was feeling tired and weak, too many miles in my legs from Italy, for most of the first 50 miles.
    Then things improved, but it was a bloody long way and some seriously sapping hills, like Langbar near the end.

    Was pushing at the finish, trying to get under the 8 hours and managed 7:58, so happy with that. My computer had ride time of 7:47, so seems I'm getting better at not lurking in the feedstations !

    The only thing that was disappointing was watching some ape, riding with a big group from Hambledon RC, but in black&red 'The House Designer' kit, take a bottle of water out of his back pocket, ride no-hands and empty it into his bike bottle, then fling the empty plastic bottle over the hedge.
    I was too far behind to say anything at the time, but saw him later at a feedstop and he's number 750
    Whoever you are - you're a complete pillock ! :evil: :evil: :evil:
  • Ken Night wrote:
    By the time I'd asked three wearers of Panasonic Shirts if they were SoShocked, people were starting to move away from me when I approached

    Yes, I was a bit mystified to be asked if I was "so shocked" as I grovelled up Fleet Moss. I wasn't that shocked, actually, as I've ridden up it several times before :D

    Nice to see Nickwill again, though I couldn't keep up with him after the Hawes stop. I did 8 hours 51 for the long route, which seemed like a very long day in the saddle to me. Still, it was 16 minutes faster than last year, so I was happy enough.

    Many thanks to the organisers for a great event and good feed stations. Can I put in a plea for different T shirts next year - I don't really need three identicial ones!
  • genki
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    What a great event 8). Superb organisation from sign-on to the finish. Thanks!

    That was a hard day in the saddle though. I never found a group to work with but enjoyed the odd chat on my way round the long route. Usually it was along the lines of "How much further does this hill go on for?" since I knew none of the route but the magical mystery tour of the dales showed the countryside at its best.

    I had to hit the gas when I found the '5km to go' sign when I was expecting the finish but for some reason I had it in my head it was 113 miles. Still, I just scraped in a couple of minutes under 7hrs so very happy :D. Less happy with my bike-riding skills - I missed two corners but got away with it :oops:
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    Yes, well organised altho' the 'local' in Grassington who was complaining vociferously about cyclists taking a leak opposite his house would disagree. The toilets were actually about 100ft away but should have been better signposted and I question whether some of those roads were really worth riding. The Garsdale head climb was silly and the descent not .v.nice - perhaps just a gallop down the Hawes road would have been better and there was that road with the grass growing on it and pedestrians wandering about. Having a large number of cyclists on it at the same time may not be the best idea. Can I also say that if you go past me when I'm going at 17mph+ and move in front of me, then start chatting with your mates and let YOUR speed drop to 15mph, I am going to get annoyed. Either stay behind me or maintain increase your tempo :evil:
  • Forgot to say i did the 50 miler in 5:26.

    I am a little miffed i missed going under 5 hours due to the puncture, and resting a little too long on some of the hills. Next year, aiming for under 4:30.

    Bring it on.

    Oh and the sunburn is still sore!
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  • robbie the roadie
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    This was my first sportive and I thought it was great. did most of the ride with my club, Velo Club Beverley, until the end were some of us pushed on for a better time. I thought everything about the organisation of the event was faultless and will be back next year :D

    I did the middle route in 5: 39 including food stops with a lowest gear of 39-27 and didn't walk any of it which was my main aim :lol:

    Ditto on the sunburn :oops:

    If I had one teeny suggestion it would be the inclusion of a free cold drink as well as the tea/coffee at the end
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  • monty.d
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    Hi, just in case any of the group of 4 riders from JDCycles cycles team are reading this, Big Thanks for the sit in, i wasnt on my game yesterday finally got my legs together after the last feed station, bit late in the day but not unusual for me, 6.52 mostly down to you guys, i owe u a big one.
  • First of all, thanks to all the organisers. This was a top notch event very well signed, and with great feed stations.

    I did the '180'km route. It was hard, especially so not really being in a group all day apart from a 15km section in the run up to Fleet Moss. Thanks for the chat guys, and a little shelter, I was the guy from Glasgow.

    I realised from reading this thread (and looking at the icons) that I saw 'Ken Night' and was just behind you (for a spell) going up the Coal Road. I was the guy who jumped on your riding mates tail for 100m before the climb only to get a throatfull of phlegm as a present (whoever you are it's ok - you didn't know I was there). Climbing the Coal Road I passed a guy who had a HR monitor 'beeping' his HR - I joked with him it's ok unless it gives out a continuous tone - alarmingly 5 secs later it more or less did but he seemed to 'reset' it!

    Back to seeing 'Ken Nights' bike. I wondered about the disc brakes when I saw it. Later I thought I wish I had them. Not long after leaving Malham was coming down a steep descent, then BANG, couldn't hear a thing, bike all over the place. My front tube had blown (3" hole) and pulled the tyre of the rim with it. As I must've been going pretty fast I'm very lucky not to have come off. Thanks to everyone who offered assistance.

    Overall, a very hard day, made even harder by not knowing any of the roads meaning I didn't feel confident building speed on any blind descent - you guys in Yorkshire build your roads with blind 90 degree bends and solid stone walls! But great fun (I think!)
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    Weather was tremendous...nice cooling breeze along with bliss sunshine...I arrived way to late and started off at back of 8...I was starting with the good lads..especially when I seen Ken Night at the start aswell...anyhow Ken passed me and we exchanged well wishes and that was the last I seen of him (until the end), then on first climb I met Hugo15...had a wee blether, but isn't hard to have a talk whilst climbing?....that 1st series of Hills (especially that big steep thing) really requied a fair effort...constant up/downs with a couple of 25%ers thrown in...was amazed at the first feed...its the best stocked feedstations I've ever seen..gels/energy bars/cakes/banana..SIS energy drink...what a top notch offering...met up with ShockedsoShocked here..off for the long haul upto Fleetmoss...what a great climb that really is...not too hard but very satisfying...and the descent is just terrifying...a poor lad had a bike wobble here and had came off and looked bad...but was told afterwards that both rider and bike are fine :D

    2nd feed was also well stocked but they had fearsome 'feed helper' from hell in command here...and this lass gave even gave me the shivers...obvious this was no woman to mess with...(met shockedsoshocked again).a hurried 'escape' from her then off for the delights of the Coal Road...nice climb...hard and steep enough but not too bad...great descent off this then onto that other b*gger of a climb up under the bridge...I felt that was as bad as the coal road...then onto a big gear for a really fast ride down passed gorgeous ribblehead viaduct to Stainforth...this was one of the toughest stretches for me and my mates...that climb really hurt after using the big gears...and then that steep descent followed by an equally steep rise really hurt like hell....met Matt Payne and Mark Thomas here and had a wee blether...then off for that plummet down to Malham...3rd feed...back to normal lovely people offering another outstanding array of goodies...met shockedsoshocked again....off again for probably the toughest stretch of the entire run...everyone who did this knows how hard it was...up/down like a bloody yoyo...until the delights of Langbar...met shockedsoshcoked again at the bottom...anyhow I much preferred doing a steep climb like this rather than the rollercoaster previous...up this without too much difficulty....then the last run off to the finish was more yo-yo ing...started to think "theyre ripping the p*sh now"...finally dibbed in. Ken Night had waited for me at the finish but I'm afraid he had to wait longer than I told him he would :wink: but it was really dead nice to meet such a nice guy and have a wee get to know...so i'm glad he waited on...sorry for my 'rubbishness'..i'll try and get faster :wink:

    Conclusion...What a mixed bag of a route...its the best organised run I've ever did without doubt...the feedstations were different class..I feel the difference with this sportif is they have not went for big climbs one after another...instead they have a good few big tough climbs...mixed with terrain which makes interval training feel easy...there was also one big section on the run down to Stainforth where it was huge gears all the way...apart from that one section the climbing never ceased...totally relentless....and it just show that small repetitive climbs are most probably tougher than big huge climbs.

    Great to meet all the lads...Shockedsoshcoked should have rode around with me as I seen him all the way round anyway...great meeting Shockedsoshocked, Hugo15, Ken Night, Mark Thomas..(I hope mark is ok as he looked like he had developed an illness at the end)

    A big thank you to BC Yorkshire...the team of Bob Holden,Matt Payne,Booboo and all the others created a fantastic memory, and should be very proud of themselves.

    Reckon the sister event is going to be just as good (or even better)...the RYEDALE RUMBLE sportif in the hands of these guys is sure to be one of the very best (and toughest) sportives in the country...if you want an idea what the Ryedale Rumble is all about then read this personal account...its the Reccy we did for Bob and Matt in April and its a very special place:-

    Guest stars Ash68 / Shockedsoshocked / John.C

    http://www.britishcycling.org.uk/web/si ... rumble.asp
  • Great event, worth the long drive down from the Lake District, well organised & friendly people. It seems we all have a story to tell & mine is that before the start, one of the lovely ladies in the clubhouse spilt scalding tea all over my "nether regions" but I just told her not to worry as it would blend in nicely with the sunburn by the end of the day & it did!

    As for the weather, just perfect.
  • Yep cracking day - my most memorable moments:

    - Fleet Moss, a really satisfying climb out of the valley
    - That ascent out of Stainforth, followed by the descent - I clobbered the cattle grid which jumped my chain onto the hardest gear, ground to a halt on that next up - got papped by the photographer running up to him so he could spin the pedals so I could get in gear :oops:
    - The family at the top of Langbar whose kids were equipped with water pistols - a very welcome refreshment
    - Blowing up with 10 of the 185km to go - I was finding the sickly SiS undrinkable after Malham and paid the price I think
  • hugo15
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    Just checked and some of the pics have started to be uploaded

  • muffin top
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    This was my first sportive. Great route (all new roads to me), very good sinage, very well oraganised and good feed stations. I chatted with lots of friendly people on the way round: met howiejmidlands at the Grassinton stop.

    I did the 80k route in 3:49.

    I'll be back next year for the 133k route.
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    Just wanted to add my thanks to the organisers for an excellent event.

    My group had a mini-epic on the short route, including a rear-wheel skid which put an unrepairable hole in the tyre about four miles before the Grassington feed station. At the feed station, one of the organisers there (sorry, didn't catch your name) arranged for a spare tyre, tube and track pump to be driven up to the scene, allowing our party to re-group and finish.

    Thanks very much to all involved for such a great event.

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    Great day out for me, thoroughly enjoyed myself, a big THANK YOU to all the people who organised and contributed on the day, made my day as much as the riding.

    1 hour better than last yr on the 185 km route, at least I was pleased with my 8:33 (including a puncture from over zealous attack on a cattle grid!!, like many others I assume) for a fattish 55 yr old, and I didn't bonk like last year, thanks to the feed stations being so well stocked. Good chats with everyone that was kind enough to slow down and chat as you came past.

    The tractors on Fleet Moss ascent were new, I lost count, thankfully they stopped before the descent, allowed me to get a flash reading of 63mph again, the beauty of being fattish and having poor eyesight and imagination?

    Derek and Caroline Boocock, it was great to see you both out on the course and looking well, sorry I did not get to speak to you at the end but had to get back to Kirkby Lonsdale and thence up to Brechin, all in all a long day that started at 5am and finished at 11:15!!

    All being well I shall be back, to improve again I hope.
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    Well I'm glad i did it but it was very, very hard. Did the 133km route, much of which (after Grassington) is on familiar home territory. This rather sneakied up on me, so my preparation consisted of a longest ride of 32 miles, plus a handful of 20 milers, so as you can imagine I suffered.

    Was thinking I'd pack in at Grassington, after a depressing slog on my own being passed by all and sundry on the way up to Greenhow, but decided I'd carry on. A lonely ride up Littondale (after all the 180km boys carried on up the valley) then a slow pull up from Halton Gill. The ride along past Pen y Gent seemed interminable, then I really hurt on the climb up Malham. I decided to pack in at Malham as i was riding up there, but after some flapjack and the realisation that my legs hurt less on the bike than off it I carried on, thinking that I could always bail out and ride home from Hetton in 15 minutes. The (normally friendly) wimble from Airton to Hetton was awful - normally amenable little hills turned into Hardknott, and I found myself in bottom gear at 6mph for what seemed like most of the way. Getting through Thorpe made me realise I'd probably get there, so spent the next 45 minutes worrying about Langbar.

    My legs started to cramp right at the bottom, but I managed the first steep section ok, but the "crux" of 200m finally did for me. I was grinding away, but just starting to feel the need to weave a bit when someone came down the hill on his Sunday afternoon ride. Bum. I got off, walked for 50m or so then got back on. Felt a bit of a fraud getting clapped at the top, but what the hell.

    Even the innocuous little climb into Askwith felt tough, but by then I knoew the end was in sight. Finished in 6:39 - a good 45 minutes outside Silver, but with something approaching decent preparation I think that should be achievable.

    A fabulous, fabulous event - imaculately organised with friendly helpful people everywhere. Many, many thanks to all - it was deeply unpleasant at times, but one of the best days out I've had on a bike.
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    What a wonderful day out. Going up Fleet Moss there was a huge line of vintage tractors ("just going for a run to the top" one of them told me!), loads of cyclists and then a long line of motorbikes. It's a real shame Clarkson wasn't coming the other way in some flash soft top.

    Yes, that woman at the Hawes station was strange. All the time I was there her first words to the riders were instructions on what you couldn't do. Some bloke leaned his bike against her car and got an earful.

    The nice couple at feed 3 were Jane and Trevor Tennick who also signed me in so a long and busy day for them. Many thanks to them and all those who helped out and made the whole day so enjoyable.
  • moritat wrote:
    Some bloke leaned his bike against her car and got an earful.

    Fair enough really.
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