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knee problems

ribblevalleyribblevalley Posts: 2
I am 53. 6 months ago I had a cartilage op and was advised to start cycling, something I have not done for 25 years. I bought an Audax winter trainer and a Ridgeway Hybrid for towpaths, all went well, 40 miles in the Ribble valley on Sundays, planning on LEJOG for next year all looking good. Now it's all gone wrong, the knee has been badly swollen for 3 weeks and I just have to wait for it to reduce and then start again. I now realise I was stupid not using low gears and am should looking for a more suitable tourer. What gearing should I look for (in inches) and who makes the best off the shelf tourer, is it still Dawes or is there something else to save for?


  • CajunCajun Posts: 1,048
    Read the thread "Amazing Pain Releif" in the Pharmacy thread...worked for me (as crazy as it sounds :shock: )
    and keep the cadence 80+ (preferrably 85-90rpm)
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