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Diameter of seatpost ... help! (Marin Nail Trail)

judith_swjudith_sw Posts: 101
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I'm interested in possibly getting a suspension seatpost at some point - I can't afford a full-suspension bike for the time being, but I know there are quite a lot of people out there who rate the suspension seatpost, while acknowledging that it won't make a hardtail into a full susser!

My question is really regarding gauging the diameter of the existing post. The current one on my bike (Main Nail Trail 2001 - pervious owner had never used it!) is a bit scuffed and faded, but it looks like it says 27 0 and seems to measure out at that. USE Sumo XCR comes in 27.2 ... will it be OK? Can anyone with a Nail Trail confirm this is the right diameter or is there any way I can find out for sure?


Judith :lol:


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    if the old is 27.0 then the 27.2 will NOT fit.

    check the Marins seat post diameter.
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  • judith_swjudith_sw Posts: 101
    Thanks Nicklouse, you've almost certainly save me a lot of hassle.

    I have checked about 10 times and the post certainly appears to be 27mm, so I've gone for the SX (good price on Will check a million times more before I fit it! However, I'm pretty sure it does say 27mm on the actual post.
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