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knee replacement - riding and pedals

midlandercpmidlandercp Posts: 58
I've had my right knee replaced six weeks ago and have been cleared for 'recreational cycling'. Before, I did audax's, (slow) club 10s and 25s and sportives. I've got back on the bike but am a bit concerned at twisting and releasing my pedal (SPD-SL), even on the weakest spring setting.

This isn't something I think I can get an answer from my consultant, even if I could quote a torque setting, which I can't find. Can anyone suggest a road pedal which has an easier release?

Also, if others have direct experience of the limits on 'recreational cycling' after this op I'd like to hear from them.



  • Go back to using straps until you get strong enough & have enough confidence to twist the knee when unclipping from SPD pedals. I had an ACL & MCL reconstruction plus cartilage trim in August 2006 & it has taken a good 18 months for me to feel confident with changing from straps to SPD. With straps it's just an straight in & straight out movement & it will get you through many miles as you build up. Simple really.
  • midlandercpmidlandercp Posts: 58
    Thanks for this - I've dug out some old MTB pedals and splashed out £4 on some straps. I've talked this over with the surgeon who seems to think the twisting should be OK, but I'll stick with the toe clips while it still hurts.

  • zoomnloonzoomnloon Posts: 1
    I had a TKR 2/17/04. In the past,I ve ridden with every pedal type there is. I've found that Egg Beaters work the best for my knee even though I'm on a road bike. There's too much float in Speedplays. Too much twist in Look style. I ride about 150 miles a week with no trouble at all. I have found that 170-172.5mm cranks work better than 175's.
  • I think we get the picture zoomloon. :lol:

    What works for you may not work for someone else though.

    I will have an similar issue when I get my bike leg prosthetic fitted next week. I don't have an ankle to twist anymore (on that side), so it will be interesting to see how I go with entry/release into/out of the pedal.

    My current pedals are Campag Profit.
  • I've struggled a bit with toe clips, partly because mine are cheap, non-adjustable but also I could get embarrassed trying to twist out of them. I'm trying some Look Keo Easys - you can't adjust the spring but the pressure is light.

    I'm encouraged that Zoomnloon is covering a decent mileage, that's about what I used to do pre-op.
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