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Feeling demotivated

ivancarlosivancarlos Posts: 1,034
Can't seem to get myself going this year. Haven't done any races, have been avoiding the club events and the local chain gangs. Also stressed about my personal life and health matters. I've started drinking again at the weekends and I'm about a 20 lbs over my race weight. Its just not happening for me at all.

Any tips on how to break the malaise? Anyone else been in this situation and what did you do to get back your mojo?
I have pain!


  • without knowing someone personally, it's always hard to comment.

    For what it's worth I would suggest not being too concerned about the bike, dealing with the stresses in your personal life, and getting appropriate medical attention for your health issues.

    Also, think about setting some realistic goals with respect to cycling.

    It would probably also help if there were people you could talk to about this. Like a close mate, especially one who likes riding bikes, and you could go out and do an easy cruise with.

    Sometimes in life there are times when we have to put the bike away for a period. It happens to many of us and sometimes time is the only way to get the Mojo back.

    Many years ago I went through a similar phase. Finally, I decided it was time to ride again after a nine-month layoff and chose the middle of winter to start, knowing full well that I chose the hardest time to start training but come time for competition it would be so much easier to do. at the moment, I've been on an enforced break of over 12 months, due to injury. Starting will be bloody hard, but I am motivated. Sometimes it is good to be grateful that we can get on a bicycle at all and enjoy the surroundings.
  • sorry to hear about your problems and I sincerely hope they get sorted soon. I know how you feel though as I have had a brother who had the same issues and turned to drink to deal wiith them its only recently that he's aparently back on track.

    With regards to your mojo - I agree with Alex. When I fell iill I couldn't even look at my biikes I just saw them as objects of torture. My health deterioriated mentally and physically and I decded to make a massive change. It was hard REALLY hard but it did work. I sold all my bike stuff packed up all my lycra and went and did something completely different that couldnt involve bikes or riding but was all about fun. I went and worked as a snowboard chalet host.

    I guess what I'm saying is maybe a complete change and a rest from it to take stock and get your personal effects in order is the way forward. Once your head is right about that stuff then maybe you can start to focus on the riding again.

    Hope you get sorted.

  • KléberKléber Posts: 6,842
    Whatever is on your mind won't be fixed by a bike ride but it's a small step to take to get things going. So I'd actually go for a ride.

    Don't aim for anything long or hard, just get out there and have some fresh air. You might remember how hard cycling can be but it's also enjoyable and fun and a good way to see the world. I don't know about you, but I tend to see life in general quite clearly when I'm on the bike, ideas come to mind that maybe I wouldn't have got by sitting at home. You'll return home feeling better.
  • the ferrythe ferry Posts: 258
    Totally agree with the last post, just twiddle a bit actually feel the enjoyment of moving on a bike.
    Try to keep life as simple as possible:

    Have a good de clutter in your home, give away or throw away anything you don't really need.

    Try to get on top of finances, keep a tidy file with all the important bits in.

    Get a good physical check up then from top to toe keep everyhing spotless, trimmed and moisturised!

    Voluntary work can help put things in perspective and ceate a positive feeling through putting something back into the community.

    All the best :)
  • FWIW I *gave up* the competitive season for 08 as I injured my foot in Feb and was off for nearly 2 months. I just decided to forget competition, ride some sportives for fun and just ride when the sun was out and not when I didnt want to. Slowly over the last 3-4 weeks I have got back into the groove of riding regulalry again, my enthusiasm for pain has come back after a sportive, and I've entered my first TT in May.
    I too have put weight on but if you can accept that you are not going to focus on competition then you might find yourself creeping back into competitive form without realising, or more importantly stressing about it.
  • guv001guv001 Posts: 688
    For the last two years I have been unable to train between Oct and Jan and both years I have piled on the pounds (2 Stone to be exact). Just relax and get on with other things the desire to cycle will come back. To lose the weight I did alot of running combined with cycling and four months later (now) I am back to normal weight. If you were exercise orientated before I believe you will always come back to it.
  • of course for some people, they just need a good kick up the backside to get going :lol:
  • ivancarlosivancarlos Posts: 1,034
    Thanks to everyone who replied. Sometimes I think we forget that we got into cycling because it's a fun way to pass time :roll:
    I have pain!
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