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Brian BBrian B Posts: 2,071
My mate suffered really bad cramp during a hard day cycling in the Lake District. He is an experienced cyclist and good at climbing.

Is there any tips to avoid cramping? - he thinks he not did drink enough that day, and has now an self mix electrolyte drink for longer runs and Zymm tablets/nuon tablets to add to water on longer runs. Apart from hydrating before an event or long miles is there anything else that can be done to fend off cramps?
Brian B.


  • ridleydanridleydan Posts: 52
    Hi there,
    I used to suffer cramps at the end of races and TTs, and when on holiday in France bought Isostar AntiCramp tablets. (Can't seem to get them here) These contain Sodium Bicarbonate and have worked a treat. I have also had success with High 5 Energy drink. I put the cramps down to being relatively new to cycling, and the muscles just getting used to it.

  • Check your cleats are not set so that feet are too far back - i.e. slightly behind the centreline of the pedal axle. Your toes should feel "loose" in your shoes when pedalling even when really digging in. I had really bad cramps when I returned to cycling using clipless pedals, and a small adjustment in my cleat position made a huge difference. The differences are mere mm so its worth spending time setting your shoes up properly.
  • 3wheeler3wheeler Posts: 110
    Drinking water is not enough (especially if you don't drink enough :wink: ), you need to replace the electrolytes. I guess the cycling targetted ones like High 5 or SiS would be a good starting point.
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  • bigal.bigal. Posts: 479
    I am assuming you were down doing some training for the Whitton so cramps are not that uncommon on these kinds of routes/climbs.
    I generally use High 5 over the course of the day and a diorylite before and during the event normally helps me get through the day.

    I have to add that at last years Whitton I ate lots of banana's, drank diorylite, used High 5 and still got thigh cramps getting over Hardknotts so I am not entirely sure that there is a definite solution.

    Hope this helps.
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