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back pain

dcabdcab Posts: 255
still waiting 4 my road bike? ive been riding my mountain bike with slicks,the last few rides i have been getting bad lower back pain over my left hip as though someone is twisting a knife? i dont think its the missus with the voodoo doll? "you spent how much on a bike we'll see about that" ! anyone any idea as to the cause?
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  • drewfromriscadrewfromrisca Posts: 1,165
    I'm currently going through a similar pain, had it for almost a year now but got severe in nov. I've been off work for 6 weeks with it, now on restricted duties (I'm a copper) try doing some lower back exercises and stretch. I'm waiting for a scan at the moment as Doctor's and specialists have no idea what it is. Are you getting any pain in the leg?
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  • dcabdcab Posts: 255
    no pain in legs as of yet never had any probs in past? im hoping its a tempary problem?
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  • bahzobbahzob Posts: 2,195
    Core exercises (crunches, pilates stuff like that) can help with back problems. They worked for me. Latest edition of C+ has an article with a suggested routine.
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