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equivalence of stretches - standing up or lying down?

neebneeb Posts: 4,353
Does it make any difference whether you do stretches lying down or standing up? E.g. is the hamstring stretch sitting down exactly the same as the type where you are standing up and have your foot on a table? I was shown how to do the quads stretch (where you bring your heel up to your buttock) by the method where you lie on your side, but find it far more convenient to do it standing up (i.e. on one leg). Similarly (and what prompted this), the latest issue of Bicycling magazine shows a stretch they call "the standing pigeon" which seems to stretch the same muscles as the sitting down "figure 4" stretch. Is it exactly equivalent? It would suit me better if I could do all of my stretches standing up, as I have a hard floor and also it means you can do them at odd moments while out and about, e.g. while standing at a bus stop or whatever (although you get some strange looks :wink: )


  • andy_wrxandy_wrx Posts: 3,396
    Do whatever suits you.

    The sort you do because you find it convenient to do them standing at the bus stop, over others being inconvenient to do at home so you don't bother, which will be more effective ? :?

    Having done stretches for years, as having been shown by running coach, then told that thet's the wrong way and corrected by physio, then corrected again by pilates teacher, I'm certain there isn't one single right way to do them anyway...
  • neebneeb Posts: 4,353
    Yeah, everyone I meet seems to have a different opinion on this and is usually convinced that all the other methods are damaging...
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