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Polar Ownzone

Mark AlexanderMark Alexander Posts: 2,277
Has anyone used the Polar Ownzone feature on Polar HRM?

I did the VO2 max test and am at 53.... apparently.
I have tried to set it up by following the instructions. Under 100 bpm 1 min then up it by 10 every minute until it's done.

I have set the 'activity' setting to High [3 times a week or 2-3 hrs) should it be Top?
it set itself to lower 113 upper 143.
my typical Ave Hr is 147+
It keeps wanting me to work less to keep in the zone... :)

10TT 24:36 25TT: 57:59 50TT: 2:08:11, 100TT: 4:30:05 12hr 204.... unfinished business


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