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exercise and dvt

Pete789ukPete789uk Posts: 46
I am getting bike into exercise I have always cycled for fun and the commute to work about 2/3 times a week 12 miles each way, I am also ex rugby player and referee however alwasy carried a bit of weight.
Just over a year ago I developed DVT behind left knee so was on warfarin for 6 months but off it now I still get some aches and pains although it ok now they put in down to a few factors I carry a gene making me slightly more likely to clot, but mainly it dehydration and sitting at desk all day.
I had reffed 2 games but not drunk enough thats what the doctor said anyway to my point .

I did my first Audax ride at the week end 115K Brevet in around 5.50 hours my question or a couple really how liquid should have ie water and food on such a ride oh I am 18 stone and trying lose about 2 stone by August.

I did feel quite tired yesterday and lucky i am off work this week so just went for walk for an hour


  • ut_och_cyklaut_och_cykla Posts: 1,594
    Drink so you have to have a wee every 2-4 hours or so? But if that means loads of water add an electrolyte to prevent salt imbalance problems. On a long ride like yours you probably need to eat a bit of food too - sarnies, fruit etc. If you do this water uptake will be slower. It will also be slower with 'just' water instead of an elctrolyte mix. You can offset water needs somewhat by making sure you're topped up teh day before a long ride too
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