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What shock?

jon protherojon prothero Posts: 469
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My Fox rp2 seems a bit slow on the rebound. Anybody suggest anything thing else that is great for tackling rocky stuff fast. Riding style 'all mountain'


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    adjust the shock, and set it up correctly. It is already a good shock.

    What is the bike as not all shocks will fit all frames (year as well).
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  • I would think its specced right as it came on the 07 Meta 5.5.1. And the shock not bad in fact it is 'alright' it just does not seem to respond fast enough. Perhaps I just do not like air. Even though I have little experience with full suspension I have an annoying habit of knowing when things feel 'real good' to me. The front Fox rl32 did not feel right to me either, not stiff enough, tracked poorly under pressure and was not super quick responding. After I did some research I got Pikes 454 and they do everything I imagine a really good fork should do (for my own style of course). So I am only suggesting for my weight and style ('all mountain') their may be another alternative. Could have it tuned but as "TF told me theres not a lot you can do with a rp2" and its cost a lot to get done. I can see if I had a rp3 it would be worth getting tuned because a lot of features would be added.
  • I've just started riding an air shocked bike after riding coil shocked bikes for the last ten years and I understand where you're coming from - the bike just feels "dead" :? .

    I was actually wondering if the rear shock was working at all, but after playing about with the pressures and compression / rebound settings and keeping a close eye on the stroke, it appears the bike is just getting on with things totally fuss free :shock: !

    I was also amazed at the difference even the smallest adjustments in the forks made to their feel. Even the slightest amount too much compression damping totally killed the feeling.

    It's obviously making a difference to the way I ride, as I find myself coming into corners way quicker than I'm expecting, which I suppose is testament to the way the suspension is working.

    With regard to the shock on the Meta, my advice would be to persevere and play about with the settings. Obviously adding more air "should" speed things up a bit and winding of some compression damping may also help.

    Sorry for the ramble, just my opinion :oops: !


  • No the ramble was just fine its great to here what people think. I have had a play round with the bike this afternoon. After taking a good look at the whole movement of the shock I decided to release all the air out and unscrew clean and grease up the the areas of the mechanism that lets the shock move. I did this put it all back together put in the air in the shock then rode it. And it did seems to be working smoother. I think I better start paying more care and attention to my bike!
  • One thing I will ask though is "Are the bolts connecting to each side of the top part of the RP2 shock supposed to go tight. Mine seem to be tight enough but can always turn if you try to get them real tight. (All of the bolts felt really tight at first but this was because lock tight was on everything!
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