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Best tyre/tube combination for Sportives?

cakewalkcakewalk Posts: 220
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I'm just getting into cycling decent distances and have booked a couple of sportives this year.

From my limited experience I've noted the huge difference tyres make to performance.

Anyway I need a new set of tyres. I'm aware that puncture resistance/performance are, basically mutually exclusive - well kind of.

So what tyres do people use/recommend? Tyres such as Continental Grand Prix 4000S sound amazing. Are they? Would this be a suitable tyre for sportive distances or is it more for out and out racing?

Also noted Michelin Aircomp Latex inner tubes. These are ridiculously light. Should I consider them?
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  • redddraggonredddraggon Posts: 10,862
    Tubes - I'm not too sure of. I just use cheap Conti tubes.

    But tyres - I've got Michelin Pro Race 2s, Conti GP 4000 (in 25mm) and Conti Ultra Sport. The PR2s are the best of my bunch. PR3s are out now, so you should have a look at them (~£20 from Ribble).
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  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Not another tyre thread! Please search old posts before starting another. Whilst few regale the virtues of latex tubes, many find them expensive, unreliable and leaky - so not suited for regular use - a well-talc'ed, lightweight butyl inner will probably be imperceptible in use, but holds air far better.
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  • robbarkerrobbarker Posts: 1,367
    Whilst we're on the subject, do the panel believe that latex tubes are more susceptible to p^nct"r*s than butyl? I can live with pumping them up before a ride and am liking the way they perform.
  • pete.whelanpete.whelan Posts: 788
    Latex tubes should be a little more resistant to punctures, as they can deform a bit more around a sharp object
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  • chopper1chopper1 Posts: 45
    continental 4000 tyres are good, alternatively the force and attack tyres are a good choice, i usually get a few thousand miles out of them, and they offer good grip for the fast descents in sportives.
  • bishbishbishbish Posts: 22
    vittoria open corsa cg with a vittoria ul butyl tube by a country mile
    fast not super light but roll a lot faster than most at 100psi
    super durable if not super long lasting on the rear
    GRIPPY corner better than you do read the reveiws on road bike review they may be old school but the tub version has won the lot pr flanders eroica
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  • MettanMettan Posts: 2,103
    My Rubino Pro's came through the Cheshire Cat fine 2 days ago - after checking them there's no cuts or other nicks - quite suprised, considering the hammering they took through Delamere amongst other places - the inner tubes were basic lightweight Vittoria ones - again performed/worked well - IMHO, as a Mid-price tyre, the Rubino Pro's seem perfectly adequate.
  • wildmoustachewildmoustache Posts: 4,010
    pro race 2s or 3s with a well-talced lightweight (70-80g ish) inner tube is my preference. Vittoria ultralite (but not EVO 45g) tubes seem to hold up well. ... i.e. valve usually goes before i get a puncture. think i've had one puncture in the last year with this combo ... probably about 10 sportifs plus thousands of training miles per set of tyres/ tubes
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