carbon fiber v aliminum ?

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so whats best . entry level carbon framed bike at £1000 with mid grade components . or top aliminum framed bike with mid range components £1000 .


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    That is a tough question. The "best" is mostly rider preference. Some may love the feel of a bike and others may hate it. Tough to ask the best of something that has so much personal taste. the responses will be largely varied. best to go down to your local bike store and ride, ride and ride more.

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    I'd go with the carbon frame and mid-range components. 8)
    Why? Because:

    1) I reckon the top end frame won't be any lighter than a mid range [current] carbon frame, and the carbon will offer a better ride.
    2) There's not much difference in performance between mid & top level spec these days.
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    I;d go for comfort, but the carbon frame because components can be upgraded through time, but frames you need a new one if it doesn't fit or you don't like it.
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    they will both be good bikes so test ride them and get what you prefere to ride