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Hartland Forest Nr Bideford. Anyone ridden there?

litwardlelitwardle Posts: 259
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I often go past the enterance to Hartalnd forest but never been in. There seems to be lots of fireroad but I wounder if there is any singletrack to be had? It's farly hilly so shuld be? I can'd find anything on T'inernet about it so woundered if anyone in here has ridden it?



  • I've just been wandering the same... Did you ever check it out?
  • Well I checked it out today... no singletrack. Lots of fireroads which would be ok if you were a beginer or had kids but a bit boring otherwise.
    Mountain biking is a bit limited in North Devon (apart from Exmoor I guess)!
  • Any scope for digging some singletrack in there?
  • KonaKurtKonaKurt Posts: 720
    Cookworth Moor Plantation is a cracking ride (East of Holsworthy), but I am not sure about Hartland Forest. Can you give me an OS grid reference? Might have ridden deep into it.

  • I used to think the same about North Devon but I've been exploring some of the bridleways tucked away between some of the lanes and there are a few hidden gems. Like most of North Devon a lot of it is short and brutal (up and down :oops:) and you have to link them using roads. What would be good would be someone developing a section of forestry much as they have at Gawton Woods near Tavistock. Alternatively there are a few quad bike centres that could be developed to have an xc/freeride loop without too much work. (I keep looking at the tracks on the left hand hill as you leave Ilfracombe).
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