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sing_for_absolutionsing_for_absolution Posts: 1,908
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This was such a good site when it first began with their reliable live internet coverage. Once again, just like Het Volk earlier this year, their site has crashed for the E3 Prijs.


  • scwxx77scwxx77 Posts: 1,469 ... er?id=1102

    Here's a direct link. I had to hit refresh a few times but eventually got it working.
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  • That's the link I'm currently on. I've refreshed it over 50 times, but without success. I shall continue to F5.
  • And now the login form doesn't work. :cry: oh well.
  • vermootenvermooten Posts: 2,697
    Another great day for

    Why do they bother?
    You just have to ride like you never have to breathe again.

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  • skutskut Posts: 371
    to be fair - I've been watching it fine at 1200 kbps for the last 40 mins...
  • afx237viafx237vi Posts: 12,630
    I had some internal server errors when trying to log in for the start, but I left it 10 minutes and then it worked when I tried again.
  • donrhummydonrhummy Posts: 2,329
    Why do people actually pay for their service? They've had nothing but problems for the last 2 years while other sites (like RCS for the Giro) seem to be able to show live streaming races to a lot more viewers without a problem.
  • Today I must apologise. have been very good and a brilliant ride once again.
  • vermootenvermooten Posts: 2,697
    yeah no technical probs today, looks good on my 40" telly
    You just have to ride like you never have to breathe again.

    Manchester Wheelers
  • synchronicitysynchronicity Posts: 1,415
    Don't knock them so much...

    With the on/off huge bandwidth sessions I imagine it's very difficult to get a reliable service...
    I don't know too much about the site, but they even provide the highlights for free. It enables me to catch up on the tdf once a year, and I thank them for that...

    Maybe someone can tell me who else can even come close to their coverage of live races?
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