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bbc 2 now

AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
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some kind of cycling event is occuring in manchester and it appears we (as in the royal we (gbr)) are pretty good


  • BlackSpurBlackSpur Posts: 4,228
    I wish XC racing was on TV. Or Downhill racing. I find road racing really boring - track is OK 'cause it's short, but other than that I find it even harder to sit through than cricket!
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  • I tried BBC 2 and they seem to be showing Power Rangers
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  • Jimbob_no5Jimbob_no5 Posts: 1,568
    i agree downhill should be on tv and stuff like the quashkai challenge and the urban freeride stuff, would make bbc 2 more interesting. im watching the cycling as im really bored and ive been in work all day re designing displays (4hours in the running :lol:)

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  • god1406god1406 Posts: 554
    i'll be at the Manchester track on Saturday. yey :)

    I like how Shenaze Reede has come from BMX and seems to be dominating the women's track events.

    There was coverage of Fort William last year, but the XC bit was mind-numbingly boring, and Nigel Page was a bit of a rubbish commentator for 4X...
  • thamacdaddythamacdaddy Posts: 590
    Personally I love the road racing especially the tours. The endurance and team tactics is pretty impressive. Good to see so many of the UK riders from the TDF last year in this track competition in Wiggins, Cavendish, Geriant Jones.

    UK has been great in all forms of cycling for the last few years maybe this plus the olympics will bring it more to the forefront.

    And channel four show some mountain biking on their freesports on 4 programs.
  • god1406god1406 Posts: 554
    the track champs were actually quite good today.

    two scary falls (by foreigners), but Wiggins and Cavendish winning the Madison brought the roof down!

    Chris Hoy dominated everyone, and his legs are about the same diameter as my entire torso.

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